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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PRAISE THE LORD! (all the time)
What a deliverance and an answer to prayer we have just gotten!  You all must have been praying very hard for us!

The nearest hospital to us is about 2 hrs. away and roads "iffy".  It was a real trial for cholera patients to get to the hospital in time before they expired.  Well, now that hospital has set up a series of tents here in Dariol to receive these patients and they will be able to administer badly needed IV solutions to the dehydrated.

This takes a lot of pressure off the families of the afflicted.  But the one thing that really upsets the Haitians is that the dead are not allowed to be given a proper burial.  Coffins and tombs are not allowed they must be in zipped bags and dumped in holes in the ground.  This is awful to the Haitians who have much respect for their dead.  Only a miscreant or thief would be buried like this.  So there is much turmoil because of this.

As we approach the near year please put these people on your personal and church prayer lists as they have simply gotten battered this year what with the earthquake, homelessness, political troubles and cholera. 

It is our prayer that these events will turn out for the good for many as they turn in desperation to the LORD and seek HIS help and salvation.  You can't put a price on a single human soul.
11:02 am est 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day
My celebration of Christmas this year was very different from those in the past--I attended a wedding!  Pastor Rodrigue, the young man who is in charge of the new church we planted in Metayer, finally married.  I had gotten aid to build him a small house.  God has blessed him--no mortgage payments!

The wedding ceremony was beautifully choreographed and fully staffed.  The bridesmaids and groom's attendants entered first doing a subdued dance.  Then the petal droppers came in, followed by the two little children who served as ring bearers.  Finally the groom and then the bride came in.

The groom wore a suit and the bride, a white gown and veil.  They were accompanied by the best man and matron of honor. then the ceremony began...it was over 2 hours long!  There were prayers, Bible readings, hymns, and a fantastic sermon that was so good and to the point.

The sermon mainly centered on the occasion that Jesus visited the wedding at Cana.  All couples were exhorted to make sure they invite Jesus into their marriage.  He makes what can be a sipid relationship (water), into a heady, and intoxicating(wine).

Then came the vows and the kiss.  People exploded in applause and a band played!  It was by far and away the best wedding that I ever attended.

It made me think how one day we Christians will be attending the wedding feast of the LAMB, Jesus Christ.  What a moment that will be!  Make sure that you have an invitation to that wedding and reception!  Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and your place is assured! 
.        !

5:32 am est 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!
It hasn't been too "merry" down here lately!  Besides Maxo, an elderly lady died from possible cholera and an elderly man hospitalized as another possible case.  People are getting fearful.  Any stomach problem has them running to the clinic in terror that they have cholera.

PLEASE pray that this disease will be brought under control!

On behalf of The Gospel Growers family and team, I want to thank all contributors for their prayers and aid this year 2010.  May you and your families have a blessed and merry Christmas!
2:55 pm est 

Monday, December 20, 2010

In memory of Maxo...
Maxo wasn't the brightest among God's "light bulbs"  but he was a hard working young man.  His widow mother had only him as a help since her husband died.  Maxo tried to make some progress by borrowing money and going to the Dominican Republic to try to accumulate some money, but things didn't pan out well. 

He had sent some money back and his mother invested the funds in goats.  Unfortunately wild dogs killed the goats.  When Maxo returned and paid back the money he had borrowed he wasn't much further ahead.

He had just asked me for a loan to purchase ciment to repair his mother's home which was in bad condition.  He never came back to claim the money.  A few days ago, because of the cholera epidemic people were very fearful as the disease was starting to appear here in our area.  Maxo took some advice from someone who told him boiling leaves of different plants could help keep off the disease.

Unfortunately, Maxo exceeded the amount of leaves (no one knows how many to use anyway) and it seems he overdosed himself and died before reaching a hospital.  His poor mother is inconsolable.

How difficult and miserable life is for the people of Haiti.  Maxo wasn't a born again Christian although I talked to him about the importance off putting his faith in Jesus Christ.  I hope he did....
2:32 pm est 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue, blue Christmas...
This will be the first Christmas after the great earthquake of 2010.  Many who where among us to celebrate that last Christmas are nolonger among the living.  This renders this year's annual cebration of the Birth Of Jesus Christ somewhat subdued and melancholy, especially for those who lost family and friends in that terrible event.

Add to that fact that so many remain in tents or other inadequate housing, a cholera epidemic which has further taken its tole among the living, higher food costs, a political crisis that led to recent riots and destruction--all this adds up to a BLUE CHRISTMAS.

Please pray with us that our Lord will bless the Haitian people and help them as they turn to HIM in increasing numbers as they realize there is no other direction to turn.

As you feast and enjoy the good things this earth has to offer please take time to consider and think about those whose situation in life is so utterly different from your own.  I'm thinking of the poor beggar, Lazarus, at the door of the rich man who feasted at his table while dogs licked the sores of the poor man.  Let us also consider the 2 destinations that both went to after they died.

Its not too late to remember the poor this Christmas.  Please do so!
8:48 am est 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yesterday, Sunday, I hiked over to a church that I have been associated with some time.  The Evangelical Church of Bodary has a small school that is one of the 14 small Christian schools that receive some budgetary assistance from Gospel Growers.

When I arrived, they had already started Sunday School.  Today the lesson was from Revelations 20.  It was presented very well.  On good days this church has about 80 people that attend.  I was invited to do the message and it came from Psalm 91.  I've been using this text lately mostly due to the need for encouragement due to the cholera crisis.

I hurried home afterwards as it looked likely to rain and I have to cross over 2 streams.  Rain could cause them to get full and be difficult to cross.  I arrived home at 10:30 am.  Shortly thereafter rain began to fall and has done through the night until this moment. Haven't heard much on the political crisis lately but 3 buses arrived from PAP yesterday so at least for now the roads must be open.

The school kids were supposed to start exams today but the rain has put a stop to that--a temporary reprieve!
10:46 am est 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Locked In...
Since election results were announced Tuesday nite things have been chaotic here.  Roads blocked by flaming barricades, stores and offices trashed, some deaths and everything at a standstill.

Where I am we can't get gasoline so soon I won't be able to run my generator.  Our clinic is open here in Dariol.  A community near here has had a cholera scare and people are flocking to the clinic to get medicine.  What is really needed is teaching on Prevention so I was explaining to the people today the importance of hygiene and clean water.  Not every case of diarrhea is cholera.  We had a case that turned out to be yellow fever.  Then there are malaria and typhoid also, or simple diarrhea.

These poor people need to know what a powerful deterrent it is simply to wash your hands.  Put chlorox in water--5 drops per gallon. As some don'y have access to hand sanitizer, pouring alcohol on the hands will help as well.  Cover food so flies can't spread disease.

Please pray for us and if possible any donations will be greatly appreciated in this difficult time here in Haiti. 
11:41 am est 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yes, fraud!  Last night Haitian Electoral officials announced the results of the Presidential, Senatorial, and House elections held on 28 November under very troubling circumstances.

They announced the Mirlande Manigat and Jude Celestin (Preval's hand picked heir) would be in a run off election in January.  Haitians erupted with violence in the streets last night after the announcement as by every indication the majority voted for Michel Martelly. 

This morning services were disrupted and roads blocked by people infuriated by these corrupt proceedings.  Even our road here in Dariol was blocked and the Wednesday market closed. Many schools are closed and people are gathering i outside in the streets denouncing this obvious ploy to put Celestin in as President when Martelly was favored.
9:27 am est 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Another mountain...
After my effort on Friday, I had a day to recover and then, on Sunday it was time for another workout.  In the early hours of Sunday before the sun came up, Pastor Francol, his wifw, a teenager and I hit the trail to climb Mt. Dubois where there is a church we planted 3 years ago.

Dubois has no road so progress is slow in coming there.  They are attempting to build one themselves as the government has ignored their existance.  They need funds to help buy food for the people working on the road.

I had to rest 3 times during the climb, but at last we got there.  We have put a cement slab, wooden poles and a tin roof up and it is there the church meets.  It is also where their small school meets.  We need to put up a separate structure for the school but are needing funds for that as well.

Dubois is the poorest of all the areas in Cote de Fer.  It is very sad to see how small the kids are, but we have no funds to do a meal program during school hours.  The people are great!  Their faith is strong and most are recent converts from voodooism and catholicism.

I preached on Hebrews 4 :12 and other relating verses on the importance of God's word, its power and ability to change the human heart when God shows grace to an individual.

There are a couple of families houseless after hurricane Tomas' passing. This project in this community is in need of funding.  Is there anyone out there who can help?
5:47 am est 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Up the mountain...
Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  My first call to do some mountain climbing had arrived.  We have an older brother in the church who has fallen ill and unable to move.  His wife asked the church to come and pray for him. So we decided we had to visit them.

This brother, whose name is Kalo, was the son of a witch docter but had renounced his family trade and converted to Christianity.  He lives in an area near Dariol called Platon which is up a mountain with no road so it must be climbed on foot.  There is a lot of rocks so it is a tiring and laborious trip.

We found his wife and some other family members at the hut.  We rested briefly after the trek, and then entered the hut to find Kalo inside on a mat on the floor.  He was bundled up like a baby, lying on his side.  He responded to questions but kind of garbled which makes me think he had a severe stroke.

We went outside and had a prayer service in the yard to encourage the wife and famile, and hopefully Kalo as well.  Not much could be done physically.  We left a gift of money.  Our prayers and meditation focused on Psalm 139.  The presence of God is everywhere, especially in the sickroom.

It was alot easier coming down that mountain, let me tell you!.  But  when we were almost to the bottom, a shower started to fall--we were drenched!  We took it as a sign of blessing as rain hadn't fallen in 2 weeks and in a farming community that means alot!

I got back to my house wet to the skin but was overjoyed to discover that some great sermons in creole on cd  that I had ordered had arrived.  These will be great to play on our Radio Station during December.

Please pray as I really feel Jesus is coming soon!
5:38 am est 

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