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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And the winner is...
It would seem that popular singer and entertainer, Michel Martely, alias Sweet Mickey, has secured the post as President in popular elections here in Haiti on Sunday.

The people here are thrilled and a sense of hope , again, has welled up to boister the burdened spirits of the Haitian people.  It seems Martely, has a very large following and has been helpful to his people over the years.  He has also often denounced the corruption of the ruling class in his music, so it is hoped he will try to be different.

Only time will tell, but for the moment the people are happy with the results.  Apparently the Senator and Congressman who were elected here in our area also meet with popular approval so it would seem that in spite of the confusion in the process the people 's will has triumphed.

Please pray for Haiti in this critical jucture of its future and present. 
5:09 am est 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bad elections!
Boy, what chaos yesterday~  Absolute mayhem in some areas of Haiti.  Shootings, deaths, rock throwing, injuries , aggression, threats, angry people not being able to vote because names not on list in bureau, cheating, etc., etc.

Many candidates are asking for annulment of results.  The system was simply bedlam.  Here in Dariol there were some irregularites, but no violence, injuries or deaths.

Who won is anyone's guess, but any results will be suspicious.

Please pray for peace in this country!
6:36 am est 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's on the menu...
No, I won't do it...I won't complain.  I refuse to be like The Israelites who complained from having to eat Manna all the time.  My "manna" is rice and beans.  I'm thinking of doing a cookbook--1001 Ways to Prepare rice and Beans!  At least you can vary the sauce!  One day I had sardine sauce.  Another day I really lived it up and had goat sauce.  Then there is Haitian spaghetti which is almost dry (they eat it with Ketchup) but I have sardine sauce--not so bad!.  Today I had plantain and root like thing called manioc with, you guessed it, sardine sauce.

Breakfast has been much more normal as I have been able to have eggs.  We do toast in a frying pan--no toaster.  Cooking is done over a camp stove, propane.  I can get fresh lemons, limes, grapefruit for juice. 

So all in all, I can't complain.  I do miss Mom's cooking however (more than she'll ever know!)! 

2:37 pm est 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

No cholera here! (yet)
Praise the Lord, although there are reports of 400,000 having been exposed to cholera, here on the isolated coast of South Haiti we are still unaffected.  Buses come here from PAP 3 x's a week, so we are somewhat still in danger.

We tell everyone how to avoid getting it on our Christian Radio station and elsewhere.  Our well is broken down at present so I'm drinking water from our capped spring but also putting chlorox in it.  5 drops for every gallon.

Its beautifully sunny here with a nice breeze.  So hard to imagine the world is in turmoil economically and politically from here.  Its pitch dark here at night for miles as there is no electricity.  If it weren't for my small generator and solar panel I'd be in dire straights.   Gasoline here is about 6.00$/gallon.

The country here is deeply embroiled in Presidential, Senatorial and Deputy elections that will culminate on this Sunday when Haitians will decide who will reside in their White House, or in this case White Tent  as the palace is still ruined from the Earthquake of 12 January.  Our favorite candidate here on the S. coast is Michel Martely, alias Sweet Mickey, a popular singer and entertainer.  He's from this area so it is thought he'd be most likely to help the area.  I have no idea if he uses teleprompters.  But he seems to have the pulse of the population.

No matter how elections turn out, Haiti as a massif to climb in order to recover from the earthquake disaster.  It is to be hoped they will chose some honest, patriotic individuals (if there are any left) to get the country going again.  I believe only GOD can help Haitit with the humungous problems it faces.

Please pray with us that things progress positively.  Jesus is coming soon in any scenario...
9:47 am est 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday morning I met with the teachers in the Primary school.  Things seem to be going well into the new school year.  Of course, they'd like a raise...  I really see their point, things are getting more expensive...perhaps it can be done. 

Our sponsorship partners are so very important for helping to keep these schools going.  Its only $20/month for a child.  This money allows the Christian schools to remain open and be an evangelizing center in their communities.

Please consider becoming a child sponsor, one by one we are changing Haiti from pganism to Christianity.  I have budgetary assistance going to 14 different Christian schools here.  The butter is spread rather thinly, however.  The need is great and the resources few.  I feel like the little boy who offered Jesus 5 pieces of bread and 2  fish to feed a multitude.  By His power, much is accomplished. won't you help too?
5:54 am est 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back in Haiti!
After an overnight in Miami last Monday, I arrived in PAP on Tuesday morning.  Everything went smoothly up to that point...
The Airport still remains in poor condition.  The immigration guy stamped my passport for 16 Oct. instead of November!

Then you have to walk a good way from the exit to where people get picked up.  I was waiting a good while because my driver got stopped for a minor infraction( anything for the police make some money).  As they took his licence we then had to run around PAP to find where to get it back.

We never left PAP until about 10:30am.  The ride wasn't to bad until we left the main road to start the long trek on dirt road to Dariol.  It was only after a small distance we were stopped by a road block of a truck stuck in the mud, middle of the road with a broken axle.  We then had to backtrack a good ways to try another but seldom used road and almost got stuck ourselves.

By God's grace we borrowed a farmers hoe to level some deep holes in the road in order to pass.  We finally got to Dariol about 7 pm. Tuesday.  I had a splitting headache (and I never get headaches), most likely due to the shaking of the vehicle on our not so great road.

Anyway, I'm just glad to be back!  Today I preached the message in Dariol Church from Psalm 91. All in all, it seemed very appropriate in consideration of current conditions here in Haiti.  GOD IS FAITHFUL! 
1:05 pm est 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The time has come...
Well, the moment has arrived for me to head down to Haiti.  It's been great visiting with different churches and groups sharing about what Gospel Growers is doing.

Thankfully, my Mom is able to drive again and has been feeling better.  Praise to God for His blessings and care!

We need a lot of prayer backup because of the post earthquake problems and now, a cholera outbreak.  There will be a great need to educate people on prevention so as to help them to avoid getting ill.

I am looking forward to seeing all my co-workers and installing the substation in my house so that I can partipate in the broadcasts of our Christian Radio Station. 

As several people have inquired about mission teams coming to Haiti in 2011, we will be doing an assessment of the feasibility and  possibility of hosting them. 

Please continue to check my blog for updates on conditions.
5:56 pm est 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Praisin' the LORD!!!
We are giving GOD the glory and praise as hurricane Tomas was not as bad as predicted.  Port-au-Prince got rain but not much wind.  Leogane got soaked.  Things could have been catastrophic, but the LORD was merciful. Dariol had little damage to trees or houses. 

I am returning to Haiti soon and am really excited about seeing all my co-workers and friends.  Roads will be very difficult to pass over as most are dirt, not asphalt, so there will be lots of mud and potholes.

Please pray for me as I return to my post and continue to take advantage of every opportunity to spread the good news of JESUS CHRIST.
7:06 pm edt 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prayer needed!
Hurricane TOMAS is on the loose and predicted to hit Haiti!  Please pray with us that the LORD JESUS who can calm the storm will dissipate this hurricane before it gets to Haiti. GOD IS ABLE!

We had a fantastic service on Sunday at Mt. Zion!  Great music, great message and great fellowship!

My visit to the over 55 group at Dutilh UMC was a blessing!  It was great to see longtime friends and supporters!  They may be getting older and grayer but there is still fire within for the Gospel! Many thanks to them for their support and encouragement.

Please pray for my return to Haiti which is scheduled in less than two weeks!
12:07 pm edt 

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