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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Talk it out...
Well, I was asked to give the Bible Study twice in a row for the last two Wednesdays.  I just love that group of Senior citizens.  We talked about the fact that there is no retirement in God's Kingdom, and that there is something that you can be doing no matter how sick and infirm you are.

Prayer is the most effective and powerful weapon against Satan and it can be done even from a sickbed.  Faith is the key.  We got to be praying in these bad days...there are too many people and events needing prayer.

This week we looked at "who will be saved".  Many are on the broad way, but only few on the narrow way that leads to heaven.  Be sure of the direction you are headed.

Last night I shared about Haiti with about 26 people gathered at All Saints Episcopal Church near Pittsburgh, PA.  Got there in a driving rain storm.  I was surprised and pleased to see that many show up.  

 Please consider helping Gospel Growers so that the vital work of reaching people for Christ can continue. 
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Reformation Day
A big day is coming up at the end of October, and its not Halloween!  Reformation Day is a special time when Protestant churches remember Martin Luther and his efforts to correct Catholic doctrines from being misled and mired in "works" and to get back to FAITH.

Our Radio Station in Haiti usually does a program on the last Saturday in October to discuss why the Reformation had been and continues to be needed.

The 1st and 2nd of November are the Catholic feasts of the dead in Haiti when there are a lot of voodoo activities.  Many of these events take place in cemeteries.  There is no "trick or treating" in Haiti only an attempt to placate loas and ancestral spirits so they will not cause problems for the living.  Cemeteries are cleaned and family plots tidied up.  Votive candles are lit, alcohol used liberally and sometimes sacrifices of chickens or animals occur.  These things it is hoped will ensure a curse free year.

There is still a great need for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Haiti.  So many have yet to be liberated from the dreadful grip of superstition and ignorance.  So many have yet to come into the liberating and blessed knowledge that Jesus saves and gives eternal life to those who accept HIM as LORD and Savior.

Please consider helping Gospel Growers, Inc. to continue to minister to the people of Haiti. We welcome all who wish to partner with us in this great endeavor.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School days...
Things have been quiet weatherwise as clean-up from Isaac progresses.  Its a good thing too as schools are trying to get going into the 2012-2013 academic year,  Delays will most likely make October the time they start going.

So far the hurricanes have turned to the north, but will that continue?  They need the rain for crops and pasturage for their animals, but not the violent storms and wind that can destroy.

Please pray that God will bless these poor people as try to work to get by just to provide for their families.  They have a good President in Michel Martelly.  He is working hard meeting with all the different sectors and departments in the country to bring them all together.

Sadly, David Exane, who helped on our Child Sponsorship team succumbed to a long illness and went to be with the Lord.  He leaves a young wife and little girl behind.  David was a leader in his church and did much with the youth.  He leaves a large hole that will be difficult to fill.  Please pray for his family.

Hopefully, our Radio Station will be soon broadcasting again as the transmitter has been repaired.  I just sent them some fantastic Haitian Christian CDs.  What an uplift they will be and an encouragement to these people.

The Dariol clinic continues to serve the sick in our area and the team there is doing a great job!  Pray for them as they minister to those who are suffering and seeking relief.
7:47 am edt 

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