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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Praise the Lord, anyway..........
We need to praise the Lord in good times and bad.  Yes, Isaac came and caused alot of flooding and some destruction.  But, there was minimal loss of life and infrastructure survived.  There was a great need for rain, so hopefully the crops and trees and pasturage will start to recover.

We are only starting the rainy season, however, so please pray that rain will not be overwhelming.  Haiti is an agricultural nation so it lives or dies according to the weather.  There is a good President now, so please pray that God will guide him to lead his people towards a better future.

Haiti continues to be blessed spiritually as many come out of darkness and open their hearts to Jesus just as Europe and the USA continue a downward trend away from God. Material possessions are not a sign of blessing, but spiritual awareness of God and an increasing thirst for HIM is.

God is drawing many people from the third world to Him in these last days, even from Muslim nations.  There is a triage taking place in the USA and Europe as God separates the true believers from the false.  I believe this is in preparation for Jesus return to take the true Church to heaven for the marriage feast of the Lamb.

We need your help to continue the work in Haiti. Please consider sending financial assistance to Gospel Growers so that we can continue working up to the day of the Lord's coming.
8:22 am edt 

Friday, August 24, 2012

For those who have visited Cotin in the past and may remember Fre Madelon, another of his sons, Frenel, has passed away.  I am not yet informed as to the particulars.  He was doing well in Port au Prince the last I had heard and then I just saw on Facebook from Walner Charles that he had died on Wednesday.

Please pray for Haiti as Isaac, although still a tropical storm, is about to go over it.  Many in Port au Prince are still in tents and could be in danger.  Its true that there is a great need for rain as it has been dry this year and crops had been lost.  Hopefully there will be alot of rain but little wind.  Actually, the rainy season is September/October so things could just be warming up...
8:24 am edt 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cause for praise, cause for prayer...
We want to praise God for delivering Nobrin from his spiritual persecution and for restoring him.  He is able to work to provide for his family again and has been in Church every Sunday.  Please continue to lift him up in prayer that he will have the victory against the devil's attacks.

Please pray for Haiti as Hurricane Isaac is coming their way and will most likely hit them on Friday-Saturday.  Pray the damage to human and animal life will be minimal and that there will be little damage to infrastructure.  
5:55 am edt 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!
The Christian Radio Station that we founded and continue to support is celebrating it's 10th anniversary tomorrow.  Unfortunately, our transmitter is still down and we are awaiting a new one that hopefully will be coming soon.

We called the Station Radio Semence, because semence is the French word for seed that is used for planting.  In Mark 4 the parable of Jesus explains that the seed represents the Word of God.  Radio Semence is "seeding" the Gospel message to the large area that receives its broadcast signal.  It is a great evangelistic tool to get the Word of God out into hard to reach areas in the mountains and valleys of the area we serve.

Please pray for the staff of the Radio who function on a voluteer basis because they want to help in reaching people for Christ.  Please consider helping us with funds to purchase gasoline for our generator as there is no electricity and we must provide our own.  Equipment must be kept in repair and sometimes replaced.

Rain has fallen some but there is a need  of more if the farmers are to have food for their families and their community.  There seems to be droughts all over the world, and in other areas there are floods.  Food production is threatened. 

As we near the time of our Savior's return for his bride, the Church, we are seeing many signs pointing to the nearness of this event.  If you haven't yet accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, please don't delay any longer.  Now is the moment of God's grace!  Please welcome Him into your heart!
6:57 am edt 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

God's timing...
One of the problems that Haitians have to suffer with is the lack of trained dentists.  Many have to endure tooth aches because there are few people available to pull a tooth let alone provide dental care.

I just suffered a bad tooth ache after arriving in the USA.  I was able to get to a dentist where I was treated.  I am praising God that He allowed me to get here before the problem arose.  I had two fillings that had to be replaced and one tooth needed to be pulled.  One dentist told me that I would have to pay $700 for a root canal.  Not having dental insurance, I started to pray.

One of my friends recommended a dentist to me who frequently takes care of missionaries' dental needs for free.  Praise the Lord this dentist did all this care I needed for free!  How kind God was to allow me to get back to the States before the problem occurred.  He also led me through a friend to a dentist who treated me for free.  God is good!  He has been very good to me! 
7:52 am edt 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ernesto bypasses Haiti
We are well within the hurricane season, and Haiti is in great need of rain. Being a largely agricultural nation, rain is vital if these poor people are to survive.  When I left there was decreasing forage for the goats and cows. Please pray for them to get the rain they need.

The hoped for rain from Ernesto came but not in great amounts.  The spring crops of corn were pretty much lost and now the pitimi and beans are struggling to survive.

The Radio Station is still blocked from broadcasting because of the breakdown of its transmitter.  Please pray that it can be repaired or that a replacement can be found soon.  Funds are lacking to do much as the downturn in the world economy has slowed resources from coming in.

We know that God has all things in hand and we are looking to Him as our great Provider.

The clinic in Dariol is open and functioning and the schools will be starting up again in September.  We hope that you all will choose to help Gospel Growers to continue to minister to and help the Haitian people in the Cote de Fer are where we are operating.
6:58 am edt 

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