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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Praises to our Saviour, Jesus Christ!
I am always on the lookout for resources that the Haitian pastors can use to make their ministries more effective.  Well, I found a book called La Houlette du Berger, The staff of the Shepherd,  that has got really good materials for the pastors to use in their teaching/preaching.  The book is put out by MAPS ministries. 

I asked a great friend and brother from Grand Cayman, Richard Trull if he could find this book in Canada as he has roots there.  He wasn't able to find it any store, but he did find a way to get it through the MAPS website.  Gayla Dease, who represents this organization, was very helpful in arranging for us to get 30 copies of this book from her contact here in Haiti.  Praise the Lord! Many thanks to Richard and his friends who have been the go-between me and Maps to make this possible.  It just shows how the Gospel can be advanced if we all cooperate.

I am watching the weather today because I hope to drive up into the mountains tomorrow to visit the Christian Radio Station there that we support.  Starting Palm Sunday evening, I and one of our DJs there will host a series of programs on and about our Lord Jesus's crucifixion, death and Resurrection. This will continue through and past Good Friday.  I was blessed to get money to purchase the gas for the generator to make this possible.  Economic woes here have not allowed our listeners to contribute as they have in the past so we have to pray and look to find the money to purchase the gas in order to stay on the air.  IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE SEND A DONATION TO OUR SOUTHLAKE OFFICE ADDRESS.

God bless you all who have and continue to partner with us in getting the Gospel of Jesus out to the Haitian people over the 30 years that I have been honored to work among.  May the Lord grant you all a peaceful and blessed time as you remember and meditate on His great sacrifice that secured our forgiveness, restoration and salvation. 
9:47 am edt 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's on the menu...?

Many people are curious as to what my diet consists of when I'm here in Haiti.  It's quite different from when I am in the States.  For one thing, I don't have a refridgerator here.  That definitely limits what I am able to buy and store to eat.

I wanted to live as simply as possible while here so my diet is more haitian than american.  Those people who live in Port au Prince can find most things that are available in the US.  Way out in the countryside on the south coast of Haiti there is a very limited choice offered.

My breakfast usually consists of toast+.  That means sometimes there is nothing available but bread which I can usually buy fresh here every couple days or so. Sometimes I can get bananas, eggs or fruit but they are hard to find at times.  I can get homemade peanut butter, which is nice.  They grill and mash the peanuts here.

There is no supermarket or convenience stores for many miles.  We have small open air markets around where there isn't much offered as the people don't have much money.  I can get some things like powdered milk (whole cream, not skim), some canned items like sardines or crackers, a couple kinds of cookies but not much in the way of candy, other than hard candy.  This is a real burden to a chocoholic!

My main meal at or around noon is mainly rice, with or without beans.  Canned sardines are the usual meat in a kind of tomato sauce with whatever veggies are available(usually only cabbage, onions and carrots).  Two to three days a week they kill a goat or pig in the market place so meat can be had on these days.  Sometimes for a change we eat fried meat with fried potatoes.  I can get occasional fresh type veggies like tomatoes, green peppers, avocados, beets but these are all seasonal and not always to be had.  Watercress is the closest thing to "salad", but due to the cholera scare all fresh veggies must be washed well with chlorox and water.  I get reall sick of eating cole slaw all the time!  Plaintain, breadfruit and a type of sweet potato is around but all these starches are really waist expanders.

I don't really have supper, except some bread and peanut butter and fruit if available.  I enjoy a cup of tea before bedtime.

Oh yes, I don't have a stove/oven.  I use a 2 burner camp stove which utilizes propane gas.  This is a headache as the propane isn't sold locally.  I have to send the truck for some distance in order to get it.

No dishwasher--hands do the washing in aluminum basins.

Almost forgot,  I usually have a thermos of wonderful hand ground roasted Haitian coffee which is very good.  This really wakes one up in the morning and keeps one going through the day.  Raw Haitian sugar is very good, and a dash of cinnamon is a real treat.

There you have it.  Guess I none of you will be seeking dinner invitations in the future, huh?

9:41 am edt 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A historic event...
Ever since Michel Martelly was elected President of Haiti last year the residents of Cote de Fer have been waiting and watching how this was going to affect them.  Martelly was born in Cote de Fer and has roots here.  At last, the hope was finally a President from our area has been elected.  We should be seeing better times for Cote de Fer...

Truly, not so long ago a new road (which is said will be asphalt instead of dirt) has been started at the turnoff from the only paved road from Port au Prince to the West of Haiti.  This is the first sign of a change in Cote de Fer's fortunes.  Our dirt and at other times mud road has long been the trial of all travellers coming to our area.  My poor truck (and past trucks) are evidence of just how bad that road has been---many repair bills!

But now, a new age has dawned...already there is improvement from the road being made.  Of course there are sacrifices...some people will lose front yards and even homes as the road is being made wider than the previous track.  They will be reimbursed.

And this weekend which is Cote de Fer's patron saint's festival, many preparations have been going on to receive a visit from the President himself. The Catholic Church of St. Joseph which was damaged in the earthquake has been repaired and embellished as never before.  The town center has been totally redone, and the destroyed police headquarters rebuilt.  The roads in the town have cobblestones and everything is an amazing transformation.  It's a new town!

A stage was set up in the new town square and President Martelly was received there to thunderous applause.  He gave away 200 motorcycles, envelops of cash, and toys and gifts.  What a spectacle never seen before here in this heretofore ignored backwater town.

People who had moved from Cote de Fer to Port au Prince returned to participate in the festivities.  Other government officials were also noted.  I heard that a large generator has been brought to provide electricity.  Hopefully, somehow our Radio Station will get some of the power from this generator.  

All in all, a memorable weekend which will not be forgotten soon.  But even this pales before the soon arrival of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who will be returning to rapture His Church away before the Tribulation...are you prepared? 
10:25 am edt 

Friday, March 9, 2012

crisis averted....
Yesterday afternoon, Haitian President Michel "Sweet Mickey" Martelly finally put confusion about his true nationality to rest at a Press interview by showing all his past and present passports.  HE IS A HAITIAN CITIZEN and not a dual nationality person. 

For the last two months there has been a constant barage of accusations by Martelly's political opponents that he had American citizenship besides Haitian thus making him not elligible to be President.  Well, the president ignored them at first but then there was so much confusion that religious leaders asked him to make everything clear for everyone.

All the foreign diplomats were present at the press conference.  The American ambassador declared openly on microphone that Martelly was not in fact an American citizen as alledged by his opponents. 

It is hoped that now things will start to progress forward, at least until his opponents find some other way to block his programs...
5:33 am est 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not again...!
Last night around 3 am a 4.6 earthtremor shook Port au Prince.  Needless to say there was a lot of fear and consternation felt by all.  The memory of the great earthquake of 12 January, 2010 is always close to the surface of many Haitians consciousness.

Here in Dariol I felt no tremor but that doesn't mean it wasn't felt here by others.  I was peacefully sleeping and experienced no movement (THANK GOD!)

Please pray for the Haitian people as they still have not recovered either emotionally or materially from the last earthquake.
1:16 pm est 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The devil is fighting back...
We must be having an effect in our efforts against the devil's kingdom here as I have never experienced attacks like these before.  Every time we extinquish one "brushfire" another arises in another area.  This time the clinic came under attack.  A dispute arose between the employees that was so bad we had to close the clinic awhile.  Much prayer and counseling have been done and it appears we may have victory.  We hope to open on Wednesday. 

PLEASE pray that the Lord will give us victory in our battle to save the souls of these people down here.  The Radio station is having a great effect, but lack of gasoline for the generator is causing us to limit our broadcast time.  I found some great recordings of a former mambo   (female witchdocor) who converted to Christ.  Also a lot of great Haitian Christian music and sermons.
5:37 am est 

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