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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Many Thanks!
I am in the process of distributing 14 French translation Thompson Chain Reference Bibles to worthy men/women of God here so that they can carry out their ministries with greater effectiveness.

These Bibles were donated by the following groups and individuals from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: The William Pouchie Memorial, The Webster Memorial, The Miller Family, Brian and Mitzie Tomlinson, Linda and Burke Connolly, Mcallister and Donna Whittaker, Mcallen Whittaker, Handel and Audrey Whittaker.   

The recipients are very thankful because such a study Bible is so very hard for them to come by here as it is a hefty price for them considering their small incomes.  To actually own one is a dream come true!  We pray that many souls will benefit from these priceless gifts to the glory of GOD! 
3:03 pm est 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mission accomplished...
Last night was the last Revival service of the Retreat.  The music, and message were Spirit breathed!  It didn't finish until about midnight.  These kids have amazing endurance considering the lack of sleep.

The morning and afternoon sessions were amazing as well.  the speakers stimulated thought and brought out alot of questions from the kids which was good.  Some of the topics were challenging: such as what clothing is proper for Christians, taking care of ones body, the effect of worldly music on the mind, etc.

The schedule never seemed to follow time allotments and food was late in coming, but there were no complaints.  What a great bunch of kids!

We will now hope that seeds planted will grow in these young hearts and minds, hopefully bringing about a a closer walk with the Lord and greater spiritural understanding.

Many thanks to those of you who contributed funds toward this event.  The money was wisely employed and hopefully will yield eternal dividends! 
5:26 am est 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Start with a bang!
The youth started to gather at our school where they would be housed during the 3 day retreat around 3 pm.  There was a pleasant confusion as old friends met again and new friends made.

Dinner of rice and beans, chicken with sauce was consumed rapidly.  then around six they walked to the church where a Spirit filled service was held.  It was supposed to end around 8:30, but it went on til around 9 pm. (they DO like to preach here!)

I guess it wasn't until about 10 pm that lights went out.  I see that the early morning service won't be so early after all.

There are around 200+ youth from 7 churches participating in this event!  Hopefully it will draw the kids closer to the Lord!  Please pray for its success!
5:41 am est 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is the day...
Well, today is the start of the Youth retreat which will commence around 4 pm.  There will be sign in, room assignments, and then participants will have a nice meal together.  Each evening a Revival service will be held in the church and be open to the community.

The boys and girls will be separated into different rooms of the school and chaperones will be present at all times to ensure that things are correct.

The ladies of the church will cook the meals during the three days of the conference.  Special speakers have been brought in from
Port au Prince to address the youth on the theme of maintaining their integrity in a depraved world.

Obriant Ilnea has done a wonderful job in getting things ready for this event.  Our primary goal is to keep these young Christians away from worldly Mardi Gras activities and do some spiritual instruction as all the schools are closed for 3 days. 
6:01 am est 

Friday, February 10, 2012

FINALLY...Happy Anniversary!
Well. I wondered at times if I would see the day, but God is faithful!  This week I will be celebrating my 30th year of ministry of service to the Haitian people!  Looking back to 1982, I see how the LORD has done wonderful things in my life and in the lives of the people here in my adopted country.

I can truly say the person I am now is not the one I was then.  I have come through many trials and crises , but they all have proven to be for my spiritural good.  The Haitian people have been a witness and encouragement to my faith as I have seen them struggle against seemingly overwhelming odds, yet God has done miracles that many will never know about.

God wants to use each and everyone of us as part of the effort to reach lost souls for Christ.  Wherever we are, there are countless opportunites to witness to others and be used to introduce people to Jesus, who is the ONE that God has chosen as the means to reconcile people to God.

You can play a role in this great endeavor by helping Gospel Growers to continue its work here in this obscure corner of Haiti.  Please consider becoming partners with us in this mission.
8:18 am est 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have been able to find some wonderful Haitian Christian music lately that is really annointed by the Spirit.  As a consequence I have gotten a lot of feedback from listeners of our Christian Radio Station here in Cote de Fer.  The recorded sermons and uplifting music is definitely having an effect on these people.  In spite of their economic problems, they still try to give something in order to help us buy fuel for our generator so as to keep the Station on air.

Thanks to you all who were helping us by praying for rain.  We just had a couple nights with showers!   Praise the Lord!  The farmers have been preparing the land for planting.  If the rain keeps up, planting can go forward.

David has returned home from the hospital in Port au Prince after having spent a couple of weeks being treated for typhoid.  He has lost a lot of weight, but is feeling better. Thanks for your prayers!

One of our Radio Station staff members, Guedy Pamphil got married last year.  A couple of days ago the Lord has seen fit to bless him and his wife with a baby boy.  His name is Guedjiny.  They are very happy, although the birth process lasted 4 days and ended in there having to be a Caesarian section done. 

We pray that the Lord will bless you all who follow this blog and hope that you will be led to send financial assistance so that the work here can continue.   Any such help can be sent to our office address which is:
Gospel Growers, Inc
Box 92814
Southlake, Texas   76092
attn. James Guerriero
11:00 am est 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Things progress...
There is some progress to report.  A grant had been given to re-do the crumbling section of the Dariol elementary school.  The work has progressed nicely and soon the 4 rooms will be ready for the tin roof which will cover it.

A couple of preparatory and planning meetings have been held for the Youth Retreat which will be the 3 days of 19,20,21 of February.  During this period things pretty much shut down in Haiti for the 3 day Mardi Gras festivities.  The government always wastes a lot of money to entertain the masses during this time.  All that comes about from it are some deaths and multiple pregnancies.  This is why we chose to try to "retreat" with the youth during this period and try to work with them.

I am greatly in need of funds to complete the walls of the Dubois church to give them greater security and protection from the elements.  I need $2225 in order to get the remaining materials and pay the construction crew.  PLEASE consider helping in this matter.  This is the only church in this community and the need is great!
9:58 am est 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Urgent prayer need...
Drug runners are refurbishing the makeshift airstrip across the road from our church.  They bring light planes in with drugs,  Please pray that the Lord will block these attempts!

Rain hasn't fallen, and certain people in this farming community have seen this as a way to get some money to get by on.  Meanwhile, giving to missions is down and this limits what I can do to intervene in cases of hardship.  Also pray that resources can be found so that God's work can continue to be done here.
5:50 am est 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Power to CHANGE lives...
I was reading through 2 Chronicles and found confirmation of how GOD can restore a life no matter how depraved and lost it was before.  An encounter with the Living God can effect a mighty transformation.

Read in 2 Chronicles 33:1-20 of the life of Manasseh, one of the Kings of Judah.  He had a good father, but he turned terribly wicked during the first part of his life.He worshipped idols, dabbled in astrology and the occult, even to the point of sacrificing his sons to the gods.  He practiced sorcery, divination, witchcraft, and he consulted with mediums and psychics. He murdered his subjects. 

God punished Manasseh by allowing him to be defeated by his enemies and he was led away to a foreign capital with a ring in his nose  dragged along by a rope in utter humiliation.

BUT, then read verse 12-- "While he was in deep distress, Mannaseh sought the Lord his God and cried out humbly to the God of his ancestors.  And when he prayed, the Lord listened to him and was moved by his request for help.  So the Lord let Mannaseh return to Jerusalem and to his throne.  MANASSEH HAD FINALLY REALIZED THAT THE LORD ALONE IS GOD."

Then from verse 14 to 20, we read how Mannaseh changed his ways and endeavored to encourage the people of Judah to worship the Lord, the God of Israel.

What a wonderful restoration of a life gone amok.  Even we Christians can backslide and fall, yet we read in 1 John 2:1-2, if we fall into sin, there is someone to plead for us before the Father--JESUS!  He gave HIS life and blood so that all who come to God through Him can find forgiveness and restoration.  There is no life so far gone that God cannot restore it!
6:40 am est 

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