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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A change of climate...
Well, it's freezing in Pittsburgh with a few snowflakes coming down.  I've been helping to decorate my Mom's house for Christmas.  We make a pretty good team, it looks pretty good!

Last Sunday I was asked to give the sermon.  I chose the subject of commitment taken from Luke 6:46-49.  There seems to be a waning commitment even in churches as false doctrine and compromise is taking place fast.  Jesus is coming soon.  2 Timothy 3 and 4 speak to this dramatically.

Tomorrow I will be traveling to the Cayman Islands where I will be visiting Elmslie Memorial United Church.  I have been scheduled to attend a youth meeting on Friday evening, a Men's Fellowship Breakfast on Saturday morning and to give the message at the church on Sunday morning.  Wednesday will find me returning to Pittsburgh.

When Christmas is over I shall be on my way back to Haiti.  Please pray for the ministry there and my co-workers. 
3:44 pm est 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks to GOD...
Thanksgiving.jpgIf we were truly thankful for all that God has done,
We would do more praising of Jesus Christ, His Son.
The angels have no Savior who gave His life for them
And yet in constant chorus they bring their praise to HIM.
I know that we're not angels; we must toil for daily bread.
Must that be our main purpose and goal until we're dead?
All those things we've gathered will just be left behind
And when we get to heaven not one of them we'll find.
But praise and faithful service to Jesus Christ our Lord
Add up in heaven"s storehouse for the day of our reward.
The crowns that we are given we will lay at Jesus' feet;
That day will be the day when our joy will be complete.
So, are we truly thankful?  Do we lift our voice in praise?
Christ should be the focus, our main purpose in these days.
When we arrive in heaven, like the angels we will sing.
Why not start this morning and our thankful praises bring?
10:20 am est 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good visit...
GospelGrowersCommittee.jpgI arrived in Dallas on Wednesday, 2 November.   On Saturday, we held a Gospel Growers Committee meeting down near Houston with Angie Brannan, Billy Proske, Mark Miles and Veronica and Jim Guerriero.  It was a great time of catching up and fellowship.

Sunday afternoon, I was the speaker at a gathering at Gulf Prairie Presbyterian Church.  This meeting was also attended by some members from Jones Creek Baptist, Churchill Baptist and others. I was able to share positive news about what the mission is doing in Haiti.

On Monday, I traveled back to Pittsburgh.  The Radio Station we help just got connected to its 300 watt transmitter doubling the area where our signal reaches.  More people will be able to hear our wonderful Haitian, Christian music and inspiring sermons which we hope will encourage believers and bring others into the Faith.

Join with me in praising our Lord for His provision and guidance to us as we seek to spread the Gospel in the Cote de Fer area and beyond.
8:05 pm est 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Going South....
Today I am headed south to Texas to attend an annual meeting of the Gospel Growers Board.  Our committee consists of Angie Brannan, Billy Proske, Mark Miles and Veronica and Jim Guerriero.

Then on Sunday, I will be at Gulf Prairie Presbyterian Church to share what is going on with the ministry in Haiti.  While things go from bad to worse in this world, many people are coming into the Kingdom of God.  What part are you playing in facilitating a soul to come out of the dark and into the Light...?
6:55 am edt 

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