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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Remembering Bob Brannan
 I want to thank the Lord always, Bob_Brannan.jpgfor leading certain people along my life's path.  Among those who have had a large impact on my life and Ministry are Bob and Angie Braman.  It's hard to separate them and talk of one and not the other!  They go together like salt and pepper shakers.
Whenever Bob and Angie came with a work team to see me at a project site, it was always a time of spiritual refreshment and encouragement.  In 2002, Bob and Angie got Gospel Growers Inc up and running and many Haitians have benefited as a result.

Now it seems the Lord has seen fit to take one of the members of that incredible duo.  Considering the physical problems and alternatives, it seems that the Lord in his wisdom knew best.  It will be a huge hole to fill in the Ministry and only the Lord knows what will happen.  But it's right to celebrate and be thankful for Bob's life and fruitful service for God's kingdom.  We must pray that Angie will find peace and courage to continue the work as God gives her strength. (Philippians 4:13)

Thank you Bob and Angie for your sacrifices and support for the Gospel Growers Ministry.  Thank you, Lord, for the blessed friendship and partnership that I have had with Bob over the years.  What a happy day it will be when we all meet together again in heaven.
9:47 pm est 

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Missions Work Team from Fairview Indiana
October 19-26 we were happy to receive a mission team from Fairview Community Church which is located near Bedford, Indiana.  The mission team was headed up by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Norman and consisted of 4 men and 4 women.  The team was housed in the Hozana Guest House
in Charpentier, Cayes.
Team meets with church committee.

Their objective was to build some tables and chairs for the kids at Carlos' orphanage.  They also brought assorted gifts, clothes and other items which were joyfully accepted.  Under the able supervision of Emma Hamilton the 4 men (Larry Norman, Garry Norman, Dick Cameron and Dean Davidson) built the tables and chairs according to designs drawn up by Emma.
Ladies examine table made for orphans.

Communion table and lectern made for church.
Benches and tables made by workteam.
Vicki Norman, a registered nurse, examined the kids physical conditions.  As a result, 5 of them were taken to a clinic and treated for various complaints.

Mrs. Larry Norman (Phyllis) and Mrs. Garry Norman were also involved in all the team's activities.

The week also included attendance at Sunday services and Thursday night service with the church which meets in my rented house.  The team met with the church committee and discussed the great need of the church.  Land to build a place to meet.  Prayers for the Lord's intervention were said.  The team also presented a communion table and lectern, which they made, to the church which was very grateful.

All in the week went very well.  We encourage other churches to send mission teams to share their faith and talents with the good people of
Haiti.  Should you wish to do so, please contact me.
DSC00413.JPGOrphans imprint hands with paint for a banner.
Kids receive gifts.
DSC00432.JPGKids coloring while using tables and benches made by the team.
12:13 pm est 

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