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The Christian radio station has a potential audience of 200,000 listeners.

”How shall they hear without a preacher”.. Romans 10:14

These pictures are of the new Radio Station. The Station Reaches thousands and is a wonderful evangelism tool. Funds are needed for equipment upgrade.

From Radio Station

Because of the cost of fuel we are only able to broadcast on a truncated schedule-- weekdays; 4am -- 8am; 6pm--9pm; on weekends 4am--noon,; 6pm--9:30pm on Saturday; on Sunday only from 6pm--9:30pm. As we are dependent on gifts from donors to purchase fuel we are sometimes forced to curtail our broadcasts, however God has been faithful and the Haitians who listen to the broadcasts often give sacrificially --this is a great encouragement to us!

Click on the "Radio Station" link under any of these photos to view a web album with 6 more photos of the radio station.

From Radio Station

The station has no public electric power available. Instead we use a diesel generator and some solar panels to meet our needs.

From Radio Station

Our staff of 15 volunteers help broadcast the word of the Bible through music, preaching, and teaching.

From Radio Station

In September 2013 we celebrated the 11th anniversary of the radio station.

From Radio Station

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