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Sponsering a school child would be a great investment in Haiti's future.

The Haitian Government is unable to meet the financial burden of providing education for the all the children of its citizens.  In fact, 2/3s of the schools in Haiti are private or parochial.  As these schools get no government assistance the parents must pay tuition or outside funding must be obtained.
As it is, half of all school-aged children are unable to attend school.  It is even worse for teenagers as only 15% of them are in school.  If Haiti is to progress from poverty, ignorance and superstition a way must be found to educate the children.  Half the population of  8,500,000 people are under the age of 20 yrs.
As you can see from these photos, resources are limited and just finding adequate space to shelter the children while they are learning is a great problem.  Many of these schools are functioning out of their churches as school buildings are lacking.



You could help sponsor a Hatian school child in a Christian school for $200 US dollars per year (payable as a single amount, or $50 US dollars quarterly, or $20 US dollars per month for 10 months). 
Investing in the future of a poor Haitian child could be the best investment of your life!


Child evangelism yields great spititual returns.  As the kids grow they are exposed to Gods Word and Christian fellowship by being  members of Kids Gospel Clubs. 
They then progress on as they grow into Youth Groups which disciple and train the young people in Godly living.  These young people are utilized in evangelism programs in their communities and this causes the Church to grow leading to another ministry--Church Planting.

Youth Group

Kids Gospel Groups

Changing the demographics of Haiti - step by step.

Church members and Church Planting

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