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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Remember and Celebrate our Lord Jesus Resurrection!
Highest praise and joyful songs should be raised as we remember what was accomplished for mankind by Jesus's death and Resurrection.  We were lost and alienated from God, but God established a Way for us to be able to return to Him and once more become His spiritual children.  John 1:12...all those who believe and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior become God's children.  Jesus's blood has expiated our sins...through His sacrifice and our faith God declares us nolonger guilty and punishable for our sins, but justified!  Jesus took our sins to the cross and in Him we are made clean and acceptable to GOD.

Come to Jesus...accept HIM as your Lord and Savior.  Invite Him into your heart.  Obey His Word and you will find eternal life!553220_473726419362773_1011546594_n.jpg
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bon Pak....Happy Easter!
Easter is greatly celebrated in Haiti as Catholicism is the official religion.   Protestants also put great importance on Good Friday and Resurrection Day! Many Churches hold nightly services during the days leading up to and including Good Friday.  Good Friday service can last all afternoon.  Many use this occasion to do baptisms of new members.  Saturday is considered the day of "Dlo Beni" (Holy Water) and many go down to the ocean to bathe because it supposedly brings a blessing.  When the economy was better, there were special foods served like white rice, with white bean sauce and morue (dried fish).  Everyone dresses up with the best the have and celebrates with great joy this great deliverance day for sinners.  There is no Easter Bunny or emphasis on candy and eggs.
We of Gospel Growers, Inc. would like to wish all our supporters a very blessed Holy Week and Resurrection Day observance.  May our Risen Lord Jesus bless you and keep you!255156_160711407329580_1163744_n.jpg 
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Reach out........
Just to let you all know, we have a Facebook page under the name of Gospel Growers, Inc.   If you "like" us you will see a lot more pictures from what's going on in Haiti, so please pay us a visit at our site.Facebook.jpg
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Praise the LORD!
After having been silent for 8 months due to transmitter problems, Radio Semence 106.9 FM is back on the airwaves!  This is the Christian radio station we started back in 2002.  It is the only station in the Cote de Fer area that gives the Gospel.  Rejoice with us, and pray that the station will be able to reach as many souls as possible in these few remaining days before Jesus returnsRadio3.jpg
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get the Gospel out to the world...
In our attempt to get the Gospel out to reach as many people as possible in these few days remaining before Christ's return, we have turned to technology.  We already had a Christian Radio Station near Cote de Fer, but when Brother Nelson mentioned his little radio station near Cayes, the third largest city in Haiti and his needs, the Holy Spirit prompted us to help him.  We were able to provide him with a laptop computer which will enable him to keep his music and sermons on it and make his broadcasts so much better.  Nelson has a heart to reach people for Jesus.  Now hundreds are hearing the Gospel and being encouraged with wonderful Haitian Christian music.
Please consider helping Gospel Growers to spread the Gospel!602966_621232717893074_576875545_n.jpg
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