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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

The meeting with the mission board went well.  We discussed ways to economize in view of the economic downturn but are in agreement that the work must continue.

It was suggested that a Power Point presentation be made to send out to perspective supporters.  Also other churches could be contacted as to possible speaking engagements to share about the work in Haiti.

Things are going well in Haiti and some rain has fallen.  I am trying to contact Galcom Internatl about a radio transmitter thay have which could help the radio station.  I am also ordering some new Haitian Christian music for the station.

I attended Church service at Mt. Zion Baptist Church here in Bellevue yesterday.  Pastor Sims gave a good message from Psalm 24.
8:02 am edt 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the move...
Since last Saturday, I have been on the move.  I arrived in Cayes for a few days in preparation for my trip to the states.  Today the move continues as I go on to Port au Prince for the next couple of days, and then I will be on my way to Dallas. TX where the Mission Board and I will meet to discuss the state of the Mission.

So much has been accomplished over the last 10 years, and yet so much more could still be done in order to advance the cause of Christ in Haiti.  We are hoping that in spite of current economic woes that our partners and supporters will still continue to stand with us as we work to change Haiti one soul at a time.

We ask for your prayers and support as we endeavor to make the Gospel known in this the poorest country of the western hemisphere.  A country which has known the cruel hand of Satan for most of its existence, but now is tasting and seeing the goodness of GOD.  Many have come forward out of the darkness and into the light to receive Christ as Lord.

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5:47 am edt 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good and bad....
I thank the Lord for two recent positive responses to prayer requests.  Last Sunday I preached the message in church, and afterwards everyone came to shake my hand as I had said I was leaving for the US.   Nobrin was there with a big smile on his face.  I was so happy and praise the Lord for this!

Another positive thing was that Ferrer, who had been afflicted (by spiritual attacks) since August finally returned home here yesterday.  It was so good to see him.  As doctors could find no reason for his frequent headaches he sought help in prayer groups in Port au Prince.  He'd been away for months.  In that time he has converted, accepted Christ as Savior and been baptised.  I had been praying for this for years!

This morning one of my neighbors appeared on my doorstep all flustered.  It seems she had just received a visitor from PAP yesterday and during the night he died.  Imagine the shock!  Well, as there are no ambulances or other conveyances nearby, she wanted me to use my truck to take the body to the morgue in Cotes de Fer.  My truck is used for many things-- transporting sick to hospital, bodies to morgue, couples to church to get married and then from church to reception, etc.  Sometimes, I even get to use it....

Still no rain....please pray for us to get rain!
9:36 am edt 

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