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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Still no rain.....
One does hate to complain, but a farming community does need rain.  Its hot, breezy...perfect if you are on vacation, but not so great otherwise.
The pastor of Dariol church is planning some spiritual events during the summer like a crusade, out door evangelism campaigns, etc.   Its always great to get the people thinking about their future destination.  Everyone here feels that Jesus will be returning for His Church soon.  We want to be found working for Him when He gets here.

Even though we've just entered the hurricane season it sure doesn't seem likely a hurricane will hit soon.  But then its like Jesus' return,  you have to be ready....

Please pray for Gospel Growers as we are pondering our next move in light of declining resources.  We will hold a board meeting in July to seek the Lord's guidance about how to proceed.  There could very well be some changes in how we will carry on some of our different ministries in order to be more cost effective.

We are always looking for partners to continue God's work here in Haiti.  Please consider joining us in this worthy effort!
11:19 am edt 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Praise the Lord!
Things are not too dry right now but please pray for us to get rain.  Nine days ago we had a good storm that has brought some green back.  The corn crop was lost, but there is some hope for the millet and congo beans if the rain would fall.

Yesterday I preached at Metayer Church from Habbakuk 3:17-19.  Its  a beautiful message of hope when things are discouraging.  We should praise God at all times and not just when things are going well.  There is a good group of people there who are seeking the Lord.  Please pray for them to receive spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Nobrin finally came to Dariol Church yesterday!  I wasn't there as I was in Metaye but I was told he came.  We are so thankful that God is bringing him out of a terrible situation.  Please continue to lift him and his family up in prayer.

The school year ended here last week and the kids are now enjoying a well earned vacation.  Thanks to all of you who sponsored a child this year in school making it possible for them to have a hope for a better future.  We are going to have to refigure our support list as so many of the children have lost sponsors.  Could be 5-6 schools that will lose their assistance.  Sponsors may be receiving new child assignments as we focus on schools that are remaining in our program.  Its sad but I see no way of avoiding this unless we were to get new sponsors for those children who have lost their support. 

Anyone wishing to help us by sponsoring a Haitian child next school year can contact me at samrice@gospelgrowers.org
or by communicating with our office by mail at
Gospel Growers, Inc.
P O Box 92814
Southlake, TX   76092

We ask $20/month over the 10 month school year period or $200/year.   
8:20 am edt 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!
In the month of May, the Dariol clinic which we founded and support celebrated its 17th year of service to the community of this part of Haiti.  Our patient files hold the names of 20,000+ people, all who have been treated and helped during this long period of time.

It hasn't been an easy road.  The actual budget for paying staff is only about $350 dollars/month.  The money taken in from the sale of medicines goes into a fund which will purchase other meds when those in stock are finished.  Its a "loaves and fishes" operation with very few resources doing so much!   People come from miles around to benefit from the competent and compassionate care of our staff.

Would you like to ensure that this worthy ministry continues?  Please send contributions to our Southlake Office:
Gospel Growers
PO Box 92814
Southlake, Texas 76092

9:24 am edt 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No charges........
You may have been wondering what happened to Nobrin after his last spiritual attack when it caused the death of his infant son.  The local Judge came as in all cases of unusual deaths to investigate.  He fully accepted the fact that Nobrin had killed his son while under demonic possession--this is Haiti.  No charges were filed.

The last 2 times I visited Nobrin he was in a depression,  We prayed and sang a hymn.  He barely acknowledged our presence.  Yesterday, however, he seemed more relaxed and identified us.  He even had a small smile.   We read psalm 23 and commented on it.  After encouraging him to look forward and to put himself entirely under God's control,  we left a Bible with him and counseled his wife NOT to seek any solution from a witchdoctor but only from God.

This might be difficult for you all to accept these precedings, but they are accepted as normal in Haiti where there is familiarity with evil spirits.  The man who savaged the homeless man in Miami eating his face was in fact a Haitian.  The fact that he was on drugs simply made it easier for the demon to "take over" and cause him to do what he did.  The United States has opened the door for a demonic spiritual invasion by its obsession with the occult in games, movies, etc.   Don't be surprised if you see more and more of these things happening especially as the return of Jesus gets closer and closer.
7:44 am edt 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy and sad.........
Looking back over the last several years since Gospel Growers was founded, there are many reasons to be happy and to praise God.  Hundreds of kids have been able to receive an education in one of the 12 Christian schools we have helped.  These schools serve as bases for Evangelism in their respective communities.  Soul by soul we are changing the religious demographics of Haiti moving it slowly from spiritual darkness and into the light of Christianity.

The evangelistic activity has created 5 new churches which are growing and thriving.  Our Pastors Bible Study has allowed for already existing churches to benefit as well due to the distribution of Bibles and Bible Study materials to ministers.  The Christian community where we are established is becoming stronger and more Biblically based.

Radio Semence, our Christian Radio Station has encouraged, comforted and informed thousands of listeners.  

Now for the sad part.  Giving to the mission has dropped off quite a bit.  We are having to drop 6 schools next year as the loss of sponsors makes it impossible to support them.  The Radio Station is forced to cut back on broadcasts and we have been crippled lately by equipment failure.  Some of the equipment is ten years old and needing replacing.  The economic downturn is having a drastic effect.  What makes one sick is the fact that millions of dollars are flowing into the coffers of American political candidates.  And since only one candidate will succeed, half of that fortune will have been wasted.

As God is in control, we continue to look to Him to supply our needs and to direct our efforts.  

Over these many years I have been able to disciple many young Haitians and they have taken an active role in running the programs we do.  The small funds we have had to reimburse them for their work are not much but they have come to depend on them.  With fewer resources some of these gifted young people will have to drift away in search of an income and they will be lost to the Christian community here.  It is sad, but we are sure that God knows what it all means and He has a reason for why everything happens.

Please pray for us as we try to continue to reach people for Christ in this poor, backward nation.  If any can help, our address is:
Gospel Growers, Inc
P. O. Box 92814
Southlake, TX 76092        
8:15 am edt 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Dryspell
After a refreshing time of rain in April, the month of May which is known as the "rainy month" proved to as dry as a bone.  Those who planted in February just got by with some success from their planting, while others who delayed expecting rain as usual in May, were greatly deceived.  We are experiencing a lot of wind and cloudless skies.  Great if you are a tourist, not so much if you are a farmer.  The wind whips up the waves so even the fishermen are not able to do anything.   It doesn't look well for the coming months.  Hunger always looms as a constant spector in Haiti.  Cholera which started up again with the rain has diminished again with the dryness.

On the mission front, we also are experiencing a dry period in regards to people donating to the work here.  The world economies are limping along and this no doubt has affected the amount that people can give away.  The awareness of the need for missions is also experiencing a decline as people turn increasingly inward and focus on personal needs.  Persecution of Christians is increasing dramatically in the world and yet the American churches say surprisingly little about this.  We must start seeing ourselves as part of the universal Church of Jesus Christ again.  We Christians are all spiritually interconnected through the Holy Spirit.  We should feel each others' pain and identify with each others' trials and suffering. 

There has to be a refocusing on Jesus' priority rather than our own.  Jesus made this quite clear by giving us the Great Commission.  We should be using our time, effort and resources in the gaining of new souls for the Kingdom of God.  How will the Lord view the squandering of our resources on bigger, more comfortable buildings to worship in, while millions perish because resources are not made available to go out and win them for Christ.  I am willing to go, but I must have the backing of others so that I can carry on the work.  Bibles need to be bought, structures to house new congregations put up.  Not the "palaces" of worship in the US but simple tin, covered cement block buildings.  It is not the building which is the church!  The church is the group of people meeting in the building.

The Lord is coming soon.  Will he find us involved in the work which is important to Him--evangelizing the world-- or sitting in comfortable, air-conditioned churches singing beautiful songs with expensive sound systems.   We must get to work doing what the LORD wants!
8:47 am edt 

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