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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene
We are very thankful that Irene avoided our area on the south east coast of Haiti and has chosen a more northerly route.  Not much weather at Dariol except occasional rain showers.  So far, so good...

Please pray for a good friend of mine in Haiti who is ill.  His name is Ferrer.  It seems to be something the doctors can't help.  Pray that God's shield will be around him.

The schools are getting ready to open--most likely in 2 more weeks.  Pray that the children's supporters will continue to be able and willing to sponsor them.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Mom suffered a mini-stroke last week and has been in the hospital for 4 days.  Yesterday we were able to bring her home.  Many thanks to all those who were praying for her.  She has no after affects-  no paralysis, no problems with speech, etc.

If only people realised the power that is released by prayer, they would see so  many problems and fears dissipate through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who delights in answering the petitions of His people.

Put your life, affairs and problems into His hands!
8:56 am edt 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I want to see!
I would appreciate your prayers as I am preparing to undergo an operation for bilateral cataracts at the end of this month.  My eyesight has never been all that great but the added problem of cataracts has made it increasingly difficult to see.

The church at Dariol is experiencing a revival with the arrival of our new Pastor Junior Gaspard.  We've also acquired 2 electric guitars and a new drum set.  Maestro Thony Jean is doing great things with the youth.  Thank you all for your prayers.

We would appreciate help with building the walls of 4 new churches that have been active in preaching the Gospel around the Dariol area as well.   The costs would be about $10,000 for the four of them.
3:09 pm edt 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tropical storm update
The latest tropical Storm that just passed near Haiti was pretty strong in the Southeast Department where Dariol is.  There was some damage to banana trees, and branches down but nothing really bad.  The road has been washed out in areas where water runs down from the higher elevations.

We praise the Lord that the storm never reached hurricane status.  Keep praying for Haiti as the season is just really getting interesting.
11:18 am edt 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

On August 18, the Christian Radio Station we founded and Radio3.jpgcontinue to support will be celebrating nine years of service to the Haitian people.

The Radio Station is called Radio Semence and functions on the dial at 106.9 FM stereo.  We called it semence as this is the french word for seed that is used for planting.  We were thinking of the parable Jesus gave about the Word of God being as the seed that is cast onto the field when being planted.

The Radio Station is operated by young men and women who do so Radio2.jpgon a volunteer basis as we have little income with which to recompense them.  Our faithful, but poor listenening audience is able to donate enough funds to purchase fuel for the generator to keep the Staion on the air, but that's about it.

When we receive extra funds we share  it among the workers as a "love offering".  If you could help in this regard please contact me.



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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


webassets/webassets.jpgThe Bible has much to say about generosity.  Matthew 10:42 states "If anyone gives a cup of cold water...he will not lose his reward".

The Quakers had a saying "What shall I do?  I expect to pass this world but once.  Therefore any good work, kindness, or service I can render to any person or animal, let me not neglect or delay to do it, for I will not pass this way again."

"Give what you have, for you never know, to someone else it may be better than you can even dare to think."  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"God is looking for men and women whose hearts are firmly fixed on HIM and who will continually trust Him for all He desires to do with their lives.  God is ready and eager to work more powerfully than ever through His people, and the clock of the centuries is striking the eleventh hour.
The world is is watching and waiting to see what God can do through a life committed to Him.  And not only the world is waiting but God Himself awaits to see who will be the most completely devoted person who has ever lived; willing to be nothing so Christ may be everything; fully accepting God's purposes as his own; receiving Christ's humility, faith, love, and power yet never hindering God's plan but always allowing Him to continue His miraculous work."  (from Streams in the Desert )

8:54 am edt 

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