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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

OH BOY...!
Wouldn't you know, a minor earthquake of 3.0+ was felt in Port au Prince yesterday morning causing panic and there were several injured.  I remark on this as I'm headed there tomorrow and will be there until Thursday when I am scheduled to take a flight to Ft. Lauderdale and then Dallas,TX.

I ask for prayers for the Haitian people that the LORD will put a lock on the ground that stops further quakes.  These people have been through so much already.

Also, the cholera epidemic is far from over and it has returned to the Dariol area after a disappearance of 6 months.  Some have had to be hospitalized for diarrhea/vomiting.  Please pray for the epidemic to halt.

The Haitian lower house of parliament has rejected the new President's choice for Prime Minister leaving the country in a stalled state.  Looks like the US is not the only place where there is gridlock!

5:21 pm edt 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mixed report...
Well, since my last report the rain did finally let up.  We are now in the sun phase with occassional thunderstorms, usually at night.

The crops are looking good with ears of corn appearing.  I'm so glad for these hardworking people that there will be something to eat.  It's hard for them to keep up with the weed control as the weather has been just as productive for them as good plants.

The last 2 DVDS we showed in the church were especially good from a evangelical perspective.  Although obviously made in Africa, they were translated into kreyol.  They were about people who made the transition from pagan to Christian beliefs.  The Haitians could relate as there were witchdoctors, and evil spirits that tried to keep the people in darkness but Jesus won out in the end.

We have one for Wednesday that is Haitian in origin and will really hit home.  Its about a family with a materialistic, unbelieving Dad, a believing Mom and child.  The latter are always witnessing to him but he wants no part of it.  There are a series of events that occur like their house is robbed in spite of the security measures the father does.  He finally buys a gun.  That night he dreams a thief breaks in and in the ensuing shoot out between him and the robber, he and his wife are killed.  In the dream they both appear before the throne of God.  The wife is allowed to enter heaven, but as the father's name is not listed in the Book of Life, he is sent to hell.  As he is falling into the flames, he awakes and he is so glad that it was really a dream and not for real he kneels beside the bed and receives Christ as Saviour.  After that it show him growing spiritually, and ends with him witnessing and praying with one of the thieves who had robbed his house.  Pretty good, huh?

While I'm away there is one of my helpers who will continue to visit churches in the area and show the films.  We hope to hold some crusades during this 2 month vacation period as well.  Please pray that the new Pastor that will be coming will be a real man of GOD.

The kids are in final exams and the school year is finished.  I take this opportunity to thank sincerely all of you who supported a school child here in one of the fourteen Christian schools we assist. Because of you kids are coming out of darkness into light.  Please keep up the good work this coming year!
10:53 am edt 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

In these end times we see many terrible things occurring throughout the world.  Of course, those most devastating are those happening in the Church.

False doctrines and apostasy are growing at rates never seen before.  If you have any doubts that we are in the "times of sorrow" described by Jesus you haven't been paying attention to the news.

For over a year here in Dariol we have been having a traumatic time with our "Pastor".  His behaviour has been such as to cause many hurt feelings and division.  He is at odds with the church committee, the members, and sadly, with me as well.

His comportment has caused the church to go backwards spiritually.  Well, to make a long and sad story short, we had to contact the denomination's executive board and explain the situation.

Praise the Lord, we have been notified of his transfer to occur at the end of this month.  There has been a collective sigh of relief from the whole community.  There will be much healing and prayer needed during the period following his departure.

I will be in the states soon, so any one wishing for me to visit their church, please contact the Gospel Growers Office and we will see what arrangements can be made.  Your Prayers are greatly needed and appreciated.
9:52 am edt 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Enough, already...!
You guys up North have been getting lots of rain, right?  Except the dry part of Texas anyway.  Well, down here in the Carribean we have our rainy days but rarely are they totally overcast for days unless its a hurricaine passing through.  There's always some blue to be seen.

Here we are in June which is not known as a rainy month as May and October, but...we have had a couple of overcast days and rain on and off.  Now, you might ask yourself what's he complaining about?

Think about it...our roads are not asphalt and there is little concrete.  The dirt roads are fine on sunny days, but...
Our market places are outdoor and open to the elements...I've missed two market days due to the rain.  Mother Hubbard's cupboard is looking kind of empty.

Looking at the weather info for Haiti it looks like days of rain in the near future.  Oh well, the farmers are kind of happy, the crops look nice...but the weeds sure are growing fast.    
6:23 am edt 

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