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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Boy!
Well, I actually made it to another birthday--my 58th!  Who would have thought it?  Yesterday was spent very pleasantly with a cooked chicken sent from Jean Denis, a cake from Byad alias Nelio, a box of ice, softdrinks,  fried plantain and a kind of spicy hot cole slaw called picleez.  And of course, lots of friends to help me eat and drink!  All in all, a wonderful birthday!  My Mom had sent me a goody box but that was finished before the auspicious day.

Last night we showed another Haitian Christian film called RESPECT GOD.  It tells the story of different characters who either finished well or badly depending on whether they had respected God or not. The church was filled.  What a wonderful way to get the Gospel out.  We held the worship service before and the  invitation after.  Many thanks to Richard Trull and family who donated this DVD projector!

We are being blessed with rain, not much but at least enough to keep things green.
12:07 pm edt 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in Haiti
Some of you might be asking what is Easter in Haiti?  Well, for one thing they don't call it Easter they call it Paque. There is no Easter Bunny, no cutsie baskets. no easter eggs. no chocolate candies or jelly beans.  In other words its devoid of the commercialism that plagues Christian holidays in the United States.  Its totally focussed on the CROSS and Christ's atonement for our SIN and sins.

We need to get back to the bare facts of Bible Doctrine and leave the confusing "trimmings and traditions" that have no place in the Gospel.  Most churches here held week long Revivals and conferences at this time.  Its a real blessing!
8:07 am edt 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Better late than never...!
Yes, the DVD projector is a fabulous evangelism tool!  Too bad we didn't have it long ago!  Last night we packed the church with a showing of the JESUS film.  People came from all around.  We are starting with a praise service before and then show the movie.  I was surprised at the amount of Haitian DVD's there are.  The Christian ones are obviously low budget, but they are effective in getting the Christian message across.  There is the added attraction of being a novelty which brings people in to hear the Gospel that ordinarily wouldn't come. The Apostle Paul says that we are to make the most of every opportunity to get the Gospel out, He's responsible for seeing the planted seed starts to grow.  We on our part are to water (with the Word) and weed (root out false beliefs). It is to be hoped that eventually a harvest will result.  But, where are the workers to help with getting the harvest in....?
9:39 am edt 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So the apostle Paul exhorts us as to using every opportunity to manifest Christ and to get the Gospel out.  Well, the perfect opportunity has arrived in Dariol!  MOVING PICTURES!  Who would have thought in this backwater town on the south coast of Haiti!

By the generous gift of Elmslie Memorial United Church of Grand Cayman we are the keepers of a DVD projector.  Last night we had the unveiling of this wondrous device whereby we were able to show a DVD of a Pastor who had been raised from a child to be a witchdoctor but then who after many crisies converted to serve Jesus Christ.

The church was packed!  We had a prayer and praise service before showing the DVD.  What a great way to get people who ordinarily might not come into a church!  After the showing we had time to exhort the viewers to come to Jesus.  Satan tried his best to keep us from this event.  Recently thieves stole our electrical wiring, sockets and lightbulbs! Refusing to be defeated, we used a kerosene lamp to light the church, and a generator was used to power the projector--TAKE THAT, SATAN!

We hope to show the JESUS STORY this Wednesday evening, pray that there will be people who come forward to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour!
9:06 am edt 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whew...that was close...
Everyone has been on tenderhooks down here expecting the Run-off Election Results to be tampered with which would cause a violent reaction on the part of the people.  BUT...reason ruled the day and Michel Martelly was announced to be the President of Haiti.  You could hear a collective sigh of relief.

Now, let the changes and progress long hoped for begin!  The Bible tells us not to put our hope in man.  Man proposes, but God disposes.  We should pray that the Lord will guide the new President in wisdom and compassion.  Please pray with us that things here will move in a positive direction for a change.

The youth meeting went very well on Saturday.  There were about 180 kids from 6 churches who gathered in Metayer to hear a study on Jeremiah 29:11-14.  After a wonderful praise service the study began.  We broke for lunch at 11:30 and then went back to the study till about 1:30pm.  There was a lively question and answer period as the kids raised some interesting queries.  The meeting ended around 2 pm.

I was exhausted as I had done most of the talking, but the time was well spent.  It is to be hoped that these kids will be guided by God's Word during these difficult times.

Please pray for us as we are greatly in need of rain.  Planting is well behind schedule meaning that the spector of hunger looms in the future.  We look to the Lord to help these poor people find the resources they need to live. 
7:50 am edt 

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