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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's going on down there...?

For awhile I've been feeling that the house is trembling from time to time and its coming more often.  Sometimes it feels like a sideways nudge and at other times an up and down movement.  Something is building up...

I've put up a tent in my yard as I am on the second floor of a cement roof house.  Just in case...

As a sad note,  4 month old Bidarline the baby that recently had surgery for hydrocephalus has passed away.  In view of the strain it was putting on her poor parents and siblings I think that the Lord has been merciful in taking her to be with HIM in heaven.  Please pray for her family.

11:05 am edt 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

These are perilous spiritual times we are living in. Within the wealthy nations Christianity is waning.  The Philadelphia type churches which are dedicated to getting the Gospel out are fast being replaced by Laodicean type churches which are compromising with the world and diluting the Gospel to make it more palatable to the masses.

Bigger, more comfortable churches are the rule and the Great Commission is a distant memory.  Humanitarian organizations are given precedence over those emphasizing evangelism.  The Mission budget is cut and downsized, or put on the back burner on  simmer.

1Timothy 4:1 states that the Holy Spirit clearly indicated that in the last days some will turn away from what we believe and they will follow lying spirits and teachings that come from demons.  How Satan loves to concentrate on saving peoples bodies while ignoring their souls.  False doctrines being spread by the likes of Osteen, McClaren and Bell are twisting God's Word putting a overwhelming emphasis on God's love, while ignoring God's call for holiness and righteousness (found only in Jesus).

Jesus states  in Matthew 7:21-27 that "anyone who listens to my teaching and OBEYS is wise."..the alternative is folly.  Luke 6:46 Jesus asks "why do you call me Lord when you won't obey me?".

Many are abandonning Jesus' call for selfless sacrifice choosing instead selfish selfindulgence.  Everyone wants the latest iphone or the hottest television entertainment system, X  boxes and the like, maxing out their credit cards tying up their resources leaving little for God's work.  These "leisure" activities numb the brain and drain the soul taking time away from Bible study, prayer and evangelism.

The "power driven" church is fast becoming the "powerless "church as the Holy Spirit is agrieved and ignored.  Carnal purposes dominate as Church committees concentrate on tends, polls and being seeker sensitive.

Paul states in Galatians 1:10 "Obviously I'm not trying to be a people pleaser!  No, I am trying to please GOD.  If I were trying to please people I would not be CHRIST'S SERVANT."

Where are the Pastors who will stand firmly on Biblical Truth?  Jude 1 :3 urges us to "CONTEND for the FAITH of the GOSPEL. God gave this unchanging truth once and for all time to His holy people."

2 John states "for if you wander BEYOND the teaching of Christ, you will not have fellowship with God. But if you continue in the teaching of Christ you will have fellowship with both the Father and the Son".

Let us "test the spirits" carefully and like the Bereans check all these latest teachings and throw away all that contradicts God's Word. 

11:35 am edt 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Got through that...
You may not have heard that Haiti had their Presidential run-off election on Sunday last and it looks like (provided that there is no outside tampering) that Michel "Sweet Mickey" Martelly will be the winner.  People have their hopes AGAIN, though everyone thought Aristide was going to be a saviour for Haiti.  Just goes to show that the Bible is true when it says "put not your trust in man...".  We've learned that as well in the US after our election.

We have to face facts--all the current "signs of the times" indicate something unusual is occurring, and that is that the prophecies in the Bible are coming to a climax.  What should our position as Christians be?  We should be about our Father's business up to the very moment He calls us away.  NOW is the time to share the Gospel with as many people around you as possible.

I'm so thankful that our Radio Station here in Haiti is having a wondrous effect in getting the Gospel into Haitian households.  The recent Youth Retreat we held is gong to be repeated in another area near Dariol on April 2.  Pray that more souls will be harvested for the Lord before that great day when we "leave".

Many thanks to the Bucher and Peksok families of Ohio who together provided books for the entire school we support in Bodary.  Its a great investment in these young people's future.

Many thanks to Angie Brannan for helping with a canteen program for Dubois school.  That donation has run out.  Anyone else who would care to help with this project to fight the malnutition of this especially poor area near Dariol?

Many thanks to the United Church of Grand Cayman which has made it possible for a young Pastor here to receive a motocycle so he can take care of his church which is at a distance from where he lives. Another motorcycle will be given to the Radio Station so they can visit churches to raise funds and also to travel where they can purchase fuel for their generator.

GOD has been so good in keeping the work going here in Haiti.  Many thanks to all of you who have played a part and who will also share in the rewards when we are in the Lord's Kingdom.
10:52 am edt 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Giving the COMPLETE Gospel
What I really like about Haitian Churches is that they are not afraid to touch on the area of prophecy in the Bible.  The Bible is full of prophecy and to ignore it is to deny your church the FULL word.

Whether you like it or not, we are living in prophetic times as the catastophe in Japan clearly shows--more is coming.  The book of Daniel and Revelations should not be ignored by the discerning Pastor.  Should he do so the people committed to his care will be unprepared for what is surely coming.
7:02 am edt 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Praise the Lord (a million times)!
Well, this was a very unorthodox Youth Retreat!  There were the prerequisite youth...BUT...there were also older people ,young couples and babies, and lots of small kids!  I never saw the like!  The school where they were all camped out for the three day retreat resembled a Christian commune.  It was beautiful, people from many churches living, eating, and other things all without any disagreements or strife.

The retreat kicked off Sunday evening with a worship service (although some had showed up on Saturday).  There was a former witchdoctor, now converted who gave the message. As you might imagine it was packed.  He apparently was from a family of witchdoctors and had been involved with the occult since the age of seven.  The people listened intently as he explained the kinds of things he had done and the evil activities he had been raised to engage in.

Monday morning was the seminar period where I presented the subject of Jeremy 29:11-14.  They allowed me 1hour and a half and then had 30 minutes of questions.  I continued on Tuesday morning.  The 300 xeroxed papers I had run off so that they could follow along without having to write much all disappeared.

There was a threat of rain during the 3 days but it only actually sprinkled on Monday morning after the question period.  The evening services where open to the community and there was a band also with great worship music.  Each night there were more and more people coming, well over 500.

Its a miracle to think that all the food, preparation, sound equipment rented and transportation for speakers was all done with $1500!  Talk about Loaves and fishes economy!  As far as I know there were 7 people who came forward to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour.

All in all a very worthwhile event.  We hope to do other such events in the future as funds allow.
9:25 am est 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Up to the mountains...
Well, today I'm traveling to the mountain community of GrisGris near Cote de Fer where we are sponsoring a 3 day Youth Retreat.  Retreats are usually held during this period of Mardi Gras festivities to keep the youth away from them and also to get more exposure to and training in God's Word.

Our theme for the Retreat will be based around Jeremy 29:11-13--"God has a plan for you..."  As you can imagine life for a Haitian teenager is not easy and the future looks anything but rosy, but having a relationship with Jesus Christ makes all the difference.

It makes me sad when we read about all the teen suicides in the USA when they have so many blessings and advantages. Could it be that they are lacking that which is MOST important-- GOD?  "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul in the transaction?"

Maybe you should be thinking of holding some Youth Retreats for the youths in your area.  They need to meet THE MAN, our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Only He can turn things around in the USA.  Its not tea party politics that are the key--ITS JESUS!
9:10 am est 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Murder by telephone...?

Some of you may remember the movie "Dial M for Murder".  Well this scenario is playing out here in Haiti only with a Haitian twist. Yesterday there was a panic started by certain reports on the news, believe it or not that so far 16 people have died suddenly from responding to "Zombie calls" from certain numbers, which are listed in the report.  They say that when the person receiving calls from these certain numbers answers "hello" he/she hears "I'm waiting now for you in the cemetery" and the receiver dies instantly.

People are sending text messages to family and friends telling them not to receive calls from these numbers.  Some have thrown their cell phones away out of fear.  Have witchdoctors perfected a telephonic curse that travels over the airwaves? Is it a Haitian HAARP weapon of mass destruction?

Most likely just mass hysteria.  But as Christians we know that we have protection from the spirit world because the Holy Spirit resides in our hearts.  Any zombie who comes knocking will be turned away in the name of Jesus!

6:04 am est 

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