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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bitter medicine...
We just had our Denominational Church District Convention on Saturday and I preached the message.  I took the different verses that exhorted the Christians to support their Pastors both through morale but also financially.

Since many are not very strong on the giving part, I joked with them by comparing the exhortation with bitter medicine.  Acts 20:35 states it is more blessed TO GIVE than to receive no matter how sweet it is to be on the receiving end.

Americans and Caymanians are blessed so much because they give.  Remember the widow's mite.  Jesus didn't despise the smallness of her donation, but he praised the huge amount of generosity and faith she exhibited because she gave all she had, trusting in God to continue to help her.

Surprisingly, the message was well received by the church members (not surprisingly by the Pastors present.)

We are getting excited by the coming weekend's Youth Retreat coming up.  The theme is Jeremy 29:11. " God has a plan for you".  Please pray that many youth will attend and that they will dedicate their lives to the Lord!
6:00 am est 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mission Accomplished...
Well, the visitors from Cayman had a great time!  The Lord arranged for our weather to be perfect so we were able to get up to the Radio Station and they could see it in action.  The ride there is up on the mountains along some very scenic country. 

Alan Turner gave a wonderful message at the Saturday night Service and Pastor Dave preached the sermon on Sunday morning.  The Haitian people were very happy with the visit, only they couldn't figure out why Pastor Dave couldn't speak creole as he looked like them! (he's originally from Jamaica)

Thank you all for your interest in the Youth retreat for Mardi Gras period.  We've got over the amount I had asked (and prayed) for!  We can use it for other related youth activities.

There is a District Church Conference next Saturday here at Dariol and I have been asked to give the message.  I have found wonderful sermons preached in creole for the Radio Station that are blessing the listeners greatly.  The preacher is a young Haitian preacher in Miami by name of Gregory Toussaint.  He is truly a Spirit gifted speaker!

And lastly, the lady who had been manifesting an evil spirit in church that we prayed over was in church yesterday and "spirit free"  Or at least the thing was afraid to show itself.  Pray for her, her name is Madame Examp.
5:58 am est 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, yesterday morning, my 4 visitors from Grand Cayman arrived in Port au Prince.  They were met by my representatives and driven the 5 hr. journey here to Dariol, where they arrived safely at 4:30 pm.

Alan Turner, Richard Trull, David Whitefield, and Pastor Dave Hazel are now acclimating to the Haitian countryside.  We even had some rain which is always seen as a blessing!  After a good meal prepared by tne ladies of Dariol Church, the guys washed up and then attended Thursday night Church Service.  They even did a good job in trying to sing Creole to familiar hymns "THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD", "WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS" AND "OH< FOR A THOUSAND TONGUES".

I translated between the Cayman-ites and the Haitians.  Pastor Hazel gave a message on the GOD of HOPE from Romans 15.  The message was so well received we are thinking of keeping him here and sending for his wife to join him here! 

Today will be for recovering from the trip yesterday, fellowship and exploring the immediate vicinity of Dariol.  My house is on the itinerary.
5:50 am est 

Monday, February 14, 2011

More reasons to Praise the LORD!
We had another nice rain shower the other night and there was actually some large puddles on the road.  Rain in Haiti is a sign of blessing--not hurricaines however.

Bidarline, the 3 month old baby with hydrocephalus, had her surgery on Saturday and made it through ok, now for the post op period.  Please pray that there will be no complications and that the tube will continue to drain the extra brain fluid away.  As you can imagine, her parents have been stressed but are trusting the LORD to bring Bidarline through all this successfully.

Praise God, the request I had made for funds for the youth retreat during the Mardi Gras vacation has been accomplished in full, and actually beyond!  Many thanks to you who gave especially the Walkers from Houston who single handedly gave the exact amount I had requested.  Some others added to this blessing.  We are hoping for many decisions for Christ during this event.  It will be on March 6-7-8.  Keep it as a prayer request for many hearts to be touched.

Tomorrow we will be purchasing supplies for our visitors from Elmslie Memorial United Church of Grand Cayman.  It will be wonderful time to fellowship and to share about the work. Some of the men will be preaching at the services in Dariol Church on Thursday nite, Friday nite, Saturday nite and Sunday Morning.  They will return to Port au Prince Sunday and then its back to Cayman on Monday.  Please pray that their visit will be a blessing for all concerned.   
9:45 am est 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wanting sunny, warm weather?...come to Haiti!
While many of you all have been in the deep freeze with snow, or freezing rain, we down here have had warm, sunny days with ocean breezes.  That's fine up to a point.  We are at the threshold of the planting season and are needing rain!  We'd be glad to exchange some of our dry, sunny weather for your clouds and rain (if that were possible).

The Bible says that God controls the weather and He can send rain or any other meteorologic condition to earth when He chooses to.  The solution to your weather problems may be just a prayer away.  Of course. God is Sovereign and His will must be carried out. But, He does hear our prayers...I know this for a fact.  The other day I prayed for rain, and it did rain,,,filled half my rain barrel!  And there had been no signs of it earlier in the day.

What is causing the weather disasters?  Global Warming?   NO, GODLY WARNING !  If we do not turn back to God we will face all the horrors listed in Deuteronomy 29, and Revelations.  But it seems we are already past the point of no return.  Prophetic times are upon us.  As Christians we should have our heads up looking for the return of our Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST. 

10:25 am est 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Something REALLY different!
Yesterday's Sunday service will no doubt cause some talk for some time.  I was to preach and had chosen my passage from Luke 22:31.  where Jesus tells Simon that Satan wanted to sift him.  During the worship part when there was music and singing an evil spirit came into a woman sitting right in the front row. She started dancing very lewdly and there were children present.

When I saw people were trying to ignore her or were smirking, I thought "how dare that spirit come into the midst of God's people and do that". I came down from the podium and put my hands on her and commanded the evil spirit to come out in the name of JESUS.  I also bound it with the power of the Holy Spirit and commanded it to go where it would be held until the time of Judgement.  The woman went limp and started to cry.  She was then quiet but at the end of the service she started to show signs of wanting to start up again so 4 of us made her kneel and we prayed over her again.  We sent her home and will keep an eye on her.

This was the first time I had ever done this.  The Lord allowed it and it fit right in with my sermon.  I exhorted the people for the lack of zeal in prayer and for their lax Christian walk which gave the enemy confidence to "invade".  We have authority from Jesus our Lord to expel evil spirits and we should use it when necessary!  We have started a 4am prayer service as a consequence to "stoke the fires" and allow the Holy Spirit to revive the spirituel life of the church.

We got the new tower up to the Radio Station (and it cost a bit too!).  The substation's signal is still not getting to the Station so it will need some figuring still.  Please prey about this and for Madam Examp, the woman the spirit came into.

We have a 3 month old baby with hydrocephalus who is to undergo surgery possibl this week.  Her parents are poor, please pray for Bidarline, the baby, to come through the operation ok.
3:27 pm est 

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