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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wonderful visit!
Well, I just got back from my visit to Harmony/Zelienople UMC.  Pastor Jeffries allowed me to share with the early and late morning worship services.  Everyone was so welcoming and apparently appreciated what I had to say.

Between the two services I was able to speak at length about the ongoing ministries during Sunday School.  Several people expressed the desire to visit Dariol on a mission trip.

This church was also very generous in their gift to the ministry.  Thanks and God Bless, H/Z UMC!
4:22 pm edt 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I had a wonderful weekend!  It started with the uneventful flight from Pittsburgh to Philly, and then being met by longtime friend Tony See.  Tony dropped me off at Justin Johnson's home where I was housed during my weekend stay in Vincentown.

Hostesse Diane Johnson and their two daughters Elizabeth and Julia made me feel real at home.  On Saturday I had the chance to see Elizabeth play field hockey as her high school time played the Ocean City team.  The home team played hard but Ocean City won.

Sunday morning I had the privilege of giving the message behind the pulpit at the First Baptist Church, a 176 year old bastion of the Christian Faith there in Vincentown, New Jersey.  The subject was missions/evangelism and how important it was to get the Good News out at a time when the original message is being made cloudy and uncertain.

The role of every believer in Jesus Christ is to serve as an ambassador for his Lord.  We've been lax and negligent at a time when there is every indication that our Lord is soon to come back.

We MUST get back to the original message of Jesus as taught by the apostles Paul and Peter.  There is no place for "political correctness" in transmission of God's Word!  We have got to get it right and that means relying on the Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible in the first place.  There can be no attention to "cultural sensitivity" to those squeamish at the clear hard words of Christ.  Jesus says in John 8:24 "if you do not believe that I AM who I say I AM, you will all die in your sins".

Many thanks to the Johnsons, Sees and members of Vincentown Baptist Church for a memorable weekend!

This Sunday morning, I will be visiting Harmony/Zelienople United Methodist Church in Zelienople, PA.
7:37 am edt 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here I come...!
For anyone in the area of North New Jersey,  I will be visiting Vincentown First Baptist Church this Saturday and Sunday.  This church is near Mt. Holly.

I will be speaking on the importance of missions and evangelism.
10:58 am edt 

Monday, September 13, 2010

This last Sunday was Homecoming Day at Mt. Zion.  Friends, former members and relatives filled the pews to celebrate being one in the Lord though separated by distance or being in other church families.

The choir was great as usual belting out some wonderful Gospel selections and the message was "Staying connected to Christ".  After the service there was a dinner served in the undercroft that was delicious!

So far hurricanes haven't hit Dariol but we are now in THE time of danger as weekly these storms come roaring across the Atlantic from Africa.  Please remember Haiti at this time, that God will give them the rain they need without the destructive winds.

From the news that I'm getting from the young pastors of the 4 newly planted churches there are still people coming forward to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  The child sponsorship program we started many years ago is bearing fruit as the children grow up to be teenagers and young people who are on fire to evangelize their fellow Haitians for Christ.

If you have not sponsored a child so that they can attend school and also be led to Jesus, please consider doing so and contact me at samrice@gospelgrowers.org  .
2:15 pm edt 

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