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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Well, Danielle missed, but Earl is coming on strong.  According to weather services it looks to go northeast and miss Haiti.  Keep praying for them because after all the destruction from the earthquake they really don't need some bad hurricanes.

There hasn't been all that much rain in Dariol lately but I am told that crops are doing well.  Alot of rain could cause water damage so they are hoping for just enough and not too much.  The life of a farmer is a life of prayerful expectation and hope.  There is no irrigation in Dariol or the mountains so they are wholly dependent on rain.

The schools are gearing up to start in September.  Please remember that it is the school directors who give me the lists of children to be sponsored.  If your child is replaced this year please do not be upset.  Different factors determine whether the lists change or remain the same.

If the child or his/her parents do not hold to the agreement to make sure the child is in church Sunday, or consistently has substandard grades or behavior they could be dropped.  Sometimes also the child moves to a different location and so cannot participate in the program.

Please accept the child that you are assigned as they are all needy in terms of being poor and have to be educated if they are to escape from the poverty and superstition that is holding Haiti back from making any progress.

We hope that you will continue to sponsor a child, or start helping one if you don't do so at present.  We can't send requests by mail, or publish in magazines or get spots on TV or Radio as so many big organizations do.  We prefer to use all our resources in the ministries which are having such a positive effect in Haiti.  Please continue to help us!   
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Monday, August 23, 2010

coming attractions...
Last Sunday was Mission Sunday at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Bellevue, Pittsburgh.  The Men's choir did a fantastic job in raising the roof with PRAISE!  I spoke briefly on the importance of missions, and then Pastor Sims preached on Matthew 28:16-18. So many churches have given up in carrying out Jesus' Great Commission.

Giving in to false doctrine that all religions are OK, many christians are using this as a reason not to evangelize.  After all if we are all God's children why should there be a need to tell people about Jesus?

GET RID OF THAT IDEA FAST!!!  John 1:12 clearly states that those who put their faith in JESUS CHRIST are given the privilege of becoming children of GOD.  Jesus also speaks clearly when he states in John 14:6 that no one can come to the Father except through HIM!  Also read John 8:24 "if you do not believe that I AM who I say I am, then you will die in your sins".

Scripture makes it very clear that Jesus is the Son of God, come in the flesh, to save mankind from their sins.  You must believe in HIM as your personal saviour and redeemer in order to benefit from God's grace.  John 3:16 and 1 John 5 (read the whole chapter) also speak of the absolute necessity of submitting to Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

"For all knees shall bend and all tongues proclaim that Jeus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father" Phillipians 2:10-11.

I will be visiting Harmony/Zelienople United Methodist Church on 26th September.
I will be visiting Vincentown Baptist Church in New Jersey, September 17-20.
I will visit Dutilh United Church on 27 October at 1:00pm in Cranberry Twp., PA.

If you wish me to visit your church please send me an e-mail at samrice@gospelgrowers.org
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That's the way I like it...
What a wonderful service we attended on Sunday morning at Mt. Zion Baptist Church!   Pastor Sims preached a great message and the choir belted out some exhiliarating selections!  It's wonderful to worship where the Spirit is definitely in control!

Monday morning I drove to Cranberry Twp. where I had a meeting with Pastor Debbie Pisor at Dutilh United Methodist Church.  This church not only gives me some personal support (which is greatly appreciated), they also support some Haitian students with tuition support.  This support enables these poor rural children to attend school and also get an introduction to Jesus Christ.  This assures of a progressive transformation of demographics changing Haiti from a pagan to a Christian nation.  As more and more children grow up in this Christian environment the the community undergoes spiritual changes.  We now have born again teenagers witnessing to the area and this has led to the planting of 4 new churches in the Dariol area.

If you would like to support a Haitian child and be a participant in the spiritual transformation of Haiti,  contact me at   samrice@gospelgrowers.org        the tuition payments are $20/month or $200/school year.  Theses tuition payments make it possible for these schools to continue to be  powerful bases of operations for evangelism.

Please consider sponsoring a child this Fall.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some like it hot (but I'm not one of them!)
It's been sweltering here in Pittsburgh!  But in spite of that we are having vacation Bible school at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Praise God there is AC!  Not too many attending but we've had a good time exploring  "stewardship" and our role in taking care of God's creation.

Today my Mom had our Bible Study teacher to lunch.  We had good food and good fellowship!  One of the better things I like here is the Bible Study on Wednesday morning. 

Just got a call from Haiti.  Three more people joined the new church at Metayer.  There is a Seminar going on at Zabo at a church not far from Dariol.  It's held every summer and is always a blessing for those who attend.  I didn't hear however what subject they were using this time.

Getting all kinds of input from the news and internet of current crises and calamities that I feel definitely show that Jesus isn't far off.  The time of His coming is fast approaching.  Let's be like the 5 wise virgins as opposed to the 5 dumb ones that let there oil lamps go dry.  The wise ones had their vessels full--make sure the Holy Spirit has free access to your life and allow Him to "re-make" us as He sees fit.
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot times
There is a little temperature difference between Haiti and Pittsburgh now- we're both hot.  BUT Dariol has the advantage of having a cool ocean breeze, Pittsburgh doesn't.  Dariol doesn't have all the cement and asphalt to heat up the air either.  Dariol is lookin' pretty tempting right now, but I'm stuck here in P-burgh awhile longer as I try to set up church visitations.

I am enjoying having ac and ice, though!
1:07 pm edt 

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