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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised Psalm 48:1
Sunday morning was a real blessing here in Dariol as we worshipped with the visiting Norman family.  There was a wonderful time of prayer and praise.  Different groups and individuals offered up special songs for the occasion.

The pastor preached on the need for persevering prayer.  He touched on what prayer is, why its needed and what can empower or weaken it.  I introduced the Normans to the church and they got a WARM WELCOME.

That afternoon around 6pm there was another service but this one focused on the love of God and our responsibility to manifest it to the world.  The many ways to do his were touched on.  We gathered in a circle at the close and sang together "Blest be the Cord which binds..."   The Pastor and people expressed their pleasure at receiving the Normans and thanked them for coming to visit them.  Another invitation was extended to them to come sometime again in the near future.

This morning the Normans returned to Port au Prince and I just confirmed their arrival at the guesthouse in Carrefour.  Tomorrow morning they are scheduled to return to their homes in the states. 

What about YOU?  We would be glad to receive you and others as visitors sometime  in the near future.   Anyone wishing to do so may contact me at samrice@gospelgrowers.org
2:33 pm edt 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guest Blog entry
My name is Dena Kemmet, I am from Beulah, ND and I'm visiting Sam in Dariol. My family arrived in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, May 12 and traveled by pick-up to Dariol. The drive was an adventure, but well worth it!

We visited a home and were able to share a few items we brought for some children who are in need. They were very grateful and we had such a wonderful time visiting them. The man (Eriel) and his family try to feed the children and provide for them once a month. The crowd was large! Eriel has a true heart for God and it shows in how he supports these children.

Another opportunity we had was to visit a country church and school. The walk was well worth our visit! We visited the local clinic and can see many needs that we hope to help meet.

The view is beautiful in Dariol, but the people are more beautiful! We have been treated with such kindness it amazes me. I have certainly been reminded that the people with the least are most often the most generous. 

It is amazing to experience the love of God that is very real to these people. Watching them teach their children warms my heart. I wish everyone would have the opportunity to experience this beautiful country and these loving people.

Please continue to pray for Sam and the work he is able to do in Dariol. Your support and prayers makes many things possible through Sam.

12:45 pm edt 

Walk according to the Spirit...

Thursday morning Deena, Cheryl and I took a walk.  We walked through the countryside behind my house.  Jean Denis a co-worker was with us.  It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous blue sky.  Along the way we observred different Haitian wildflowers and plants.  After about 25 minutes we saw a tin covered structure on a rise before us.  We had arrived, and we were all pleased as it was very warm. 

There to greet us was the church committee of Bodary Evangelical Church.  We sat and visited awhile.  Hearing the sound of noisy children nearby we went to investigate and saw one of the schools which Gospel Growers assists.

The kids were in recess and a soccer game of sorts was going on.  We spent some time with these bright, curious kids.  They were looking very thin I'm afraid and sorely in need of some good meals but they were happy anyway.

They were very interested in Cheryl's long blond hair.  They were also all crowding to see a digital camera which captured their images.  Laughing and noisy they accompanied us partly back to the church.

The church elders presented us with gifts before we rose to return to Dariol.  There on a table before us were a melon, some hen's eggs and a honey from a nearby hive.  What riches of generosity in view of their utter poverty!

These people even carried our gifts back to my house for us.  Please pray for these poor people as they are completely neglected by the government and aren't getting any of the massive aid being doled out in Port au Prince.  


6:23 am edt 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bless the Lord, oh my soul...!
This morning we left Dariol for the short ride up a mountain to Zabo where Eriel has his monthly program with orphan and poor children.  Besides the 32 that we had planned for there was a friendly crowd gathered to see strangers who had arrived. As the kids and others listened to Christian music and ate a meal of rice and beans, we sorted the different articles to distribute to Eriel's kids. 

Eriel you may recall from past blog entries was one of the 2 young men who had been falsely arrested by the police and mistreated for almost a month before we were able to secure their release. He has since married and fathered a little boy.

Eriel wanted to give his life in service to God after his terrible experience so he started this program which he continues on his own small funds.  How glad I was to be able to recommend him to the Normans so they could come and encourage his efforts with some assistance.

The group were blessed by their grateful Haitian hosts with some coconuts, pineapples and a goat! 

On returning to Dariol we had another good meal and a rest.  Deena and Cheryl went to swim in the ocean nearby with some of their new Haitian Friends.  
8:32 pm edt 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, the Normans plus Deena and Cheryl got safely to Dariol about 4pm.Haiti time.  Since then they have feasted on rice and beans, goat, fried banann, and coleslaw.  Larry and Phyllis opted out of climbing the mountain to my house but the girls were syked.  Somewhat breathless after the climb we enjoyed the view from my porch.

7:49 pm edt 

Are we there yet...?
Larry and Phyllis Norman, and their 2 grown daughters, Cheryl and Deena, arrived safely in Port au Prince early this morning.  I spoke with them on the phone.  They are en route and should arrive here in about another hour or so. 

Dariol is rolling out the red carpet so rarely do we receive visitors.  Tomorrow we plan visit a project which assists ophans and poor kids.  Friday will be spent exploring and Saturday hopefully we will be able to reach the Radio Station.  Sunday will be spent in church, morning and evening services.  Monday morning they will return to Port au Prince, Tuesday to the states.  The weather is sunny at the moment and we have prayed for 5 good days or at least until they leave Haiti.
3:56 pm edt 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Great is thy faithfulness...
The other day I had one of the young men here transplant a special shrub I have here.  It had grown too close to the path so I had thought to have it moved back a bit.  It was very special as it was a bougainvillea that had two colored blossoms, both dark pink and white, and its leaves were variagated yellow and green.  Since it was already in a bucket I assumed the trauma would be minimal as a good part of its roots would remain intact. 

Well, the transplant was made.  Imagine my anguish as a day or so after I watched the leaves dry and fall off.  I felt awful, I should have left it where it was!  Do you know I prayed over that plant asking God to restore life and over a week later the bear branches have small new leaves coming forth! What joy I felt-a miracle! 

So God must feel when a person who is "dead" spiritually responds to His word and Life appears where there had been only death.  The angels in heaven rejoice whenever a sinner repents and is restored to God.

Signs of the Lord's return are appearing more and more, at a faster rate than previously.  We must get to work seeking the lost while there is still time.  Don't allow yourself to be lulled with the false teaching that everyone can get to God by their own path.  Jesus stated categorically that HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one can get to the Father except by HIM.  Are you spreading the news?  How terrible it is that many Pastors and Priests are failing their congregations by not making God's Word clear to them.  God's Word is under attack from all sides and in the shadows  Satan is still whispering into willing ears  "Yea, hath God said...?"

Trite social messages and cute stories are being preached from many a pulpit instead of the "meat" of God's Word and the "people perish from lack of vision".  How many still spend time for private prayer and personal study of God's Word sometime during each day?  Fewer and fewer it would seem.

Let's make a commitment to "get into" the Bible this week as never before.  Let the Lord speak to you and then take time to converse with Him in prayer.

We are ready to receive the Normans who are scheduled to arrive Wednesday.  Pray that their trip will go well and that the weather will cooperate with us.
6:42 am edt 

Monday, May 3, 2010

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you... Phil. 1:3
I was listening to some cassettes the other day and they brought to mind the person who had given them to me-- Sylvie Young.  She is with our Lord now, but while here on earth. principally Great Britain and then Grand Cayman, she was a true servant of the Lord and He used her to encourage and strenghthen my faith each time I was able to visit her and her husband, Don, when I was in Georgetown.  Sylvie left a huge hole when she left.  Everyone who knew her was touched by the love which she radiated.

This morning I was on my porch when my eyes saw a tree in bloom after the recent rainfall.  It has a beautiful pink flower which resembles an orchid.  I immediately remembered the person who had given me the seeds, one of which grew to produce this lovely sight.  She was a sister in law of Dr. Edlin Merren, again of Grand Cayman, now with the Lord.  This gentle lady was afflicted with a serious respiratory problem which caused her much discomfort.  I remember I had a short visit with her in her home in Georgetown.  When I had expressed wonder  on seeing the flowering Hong Kong orchid tree in her yard, she kindly presented me with some seeds from this tree.  Now there is a descendant of this very tree in Dariol, Haiti.

We must never underestimate the effects of our actions down the road of life.  Loving acts of kindness will always produce happy memories and should prompt us to be grateful to the doers, but also to God who placed the love in the heart of the doer and which motivated the kindness.  Praise God for all those who have allowed HIM to use them to bring some love and kindness into this dark world. 
11:41 am edt 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bless the Lord, oh my soul...
Many thanks to Cathy Martin and the ladies of her church in Micghigan who sewed some lovely skirts for the women of Dubois Evangelical Church here in Haiti! 

Many thanks to Paul Morelli of Brockway , PA who has been tireless in supporting this ministry!  There are so many--Bruce and Mary Wharram, Mike and Mary Bowerman, and Miss Elizabeth, Don and Sylvie Young, The See Family, Justin Johnson, RVICs, Joyce and George Rodgers, Joan Masters, Perry and Marlene Brown, the Kern Family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dunmeyer, Gayle Dunn, Bonnie and Dave Moyer, Larry and Phylis Norman, Eva Williams, Jan Fierst, Joan Sachs, Steph and Bekka, Pastor Debbie Pisor, Susan Moore of Sonshine Gift and Bible Store, Lake Jackson, Texas, and many more......... 

and many special thanks to:
my Mom, Elizabeth Rice, who got me to Haiti in the first place
Bob and Angie Brannan who got Gospel Growers up and running, their prayers, support and efforts
the Gospel Growers Executive Committee  Angie, Wanda, Billy, Becky, Mark and Tina, Ronni and Jim Guerriero
"Sam's Club" of Jones Creek , Texas
Cel Slatt's Bible Study Group
Ronni and Jim Guerriro's Home Life Group of Southlake, Texas
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Churchill Baptist Church
Vincentown Baptist Church
Trinity Baptist Church
First Baptist of Smithville 
Rosanky Baptist Church
Jones Creek Baptist Church
Harmony/Zelionople UNited Methodist Church
Dutilh United Methodist Church
Lanes Mills United Methodist Church
Falling Spring Presbyterian Church
Red Bank Presbyterian Church
Christ Presbyterian Church
Zion Mennonite Church
Elmslie Memorial United and the other United Churches of Grand Cayman
Fairview Community Church 

Many thanks to my webmaster Don Petersen
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