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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Visit to States
Well, I got to Pittsburgh on Wednesday evening.  Anyone wishing to contact me while I'm here can call me at 412-766-9162  or at my email address  samrice@gospelgrowers.org  .
11:16 am edt 

Homes for the Poor
While in the States last summer I was able to raise $15000 for constructing 5 small homes for the poor in Dariol.  Its really meant as an encouragement for young men who are in the Lord's service who are unable build a house and then to marry.  With Angie Brannan's help these funds were found.  The first of these 3 room houses is near to having its tin roof put on.  Construction on the 2nd and 3rd houses is underway.  What a wonderful witness to God's love and provision for his poor servants. 
11:12 am edt 

Friday, March 6, 2009

"I am the Resurrection and the Life..."
On the morning of March 3 my Dad passed on.  I have been praying for over twenty years that he would receive Jesus as Lord and Savior before he died.  I must believe that in those last moments he did ask Jesus for forgiveness and invite Him into his heart.  It is a hope that will remain until I arrive in Eternity myself.  We should never give up praying for family members and friends to receive Christ as we never know when and how it may happen.  Let us be ever increasingly evangelistic as we see the Lord is very near.
1:03 pm est 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Report on Mardi Gras Youth Retreat
Mix the energy of over 160 teenagers with the Holy Spirit and WATCH OUT!  The Annual Youth Retreat held over the Mardi Gras vacation to focus kids on Jesus and away from the "world" was an unqualified success!  The kids were drawn from 13 different churches in the area.  They arrived on Sunday evening for a kickoff Evangelistic Service which was attended by kids and neighborhood families as well. 
After a 4am wake up call the kids had a morning worship service, breakfasted and then all were split up to do house by house evangelism.  They visited 140 homes in the area.  Five people accepted the Lord as a result of this activity.
After lunch they attended the first seminar which was on Aides and health awareness.  Another evening Worship/Evangelistic service was held Monday evening.  The Topic for these 3 days has been THE RETURN OF JESUS.   Music was provided by a Haitian Christian Band.  The worship services were electrifying! 
Tuesday morning service at 4am was followed by breakfast and then more speakers on different aspects on the coming Rapture and 2nd Coming of Christ.  All the meals provided by the women of the church were  delicious.
Tuesday Nite Service was the best yet.  The church was overflowing and didn't close until after 1am!  Many decisions were made to engage more zealously and effectively in witnessing for Christ before his coming.
The cost of these three wonderful days was about $1000--money well spent!  Many thanks to Ronni and Jim Guerriero's Home Group which donated funds toward this event.    
7:34 am est 

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