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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Approximately 175 young people are preparing to gather at Zabo Christian Church for the annual Mardi Gras Youth Retreat and Conference.  These kids will be representing 8 different Churches in the Dariol area.
During this 3 day event, there will be daily Seminars held on various pertinant topics relating to faith, conduct and the return of Jesus Christ.  Evening services will be open to the general public and house to house visits will done by evangelism teams.
Please pray that this event will be a blessing to both the youth and the conmmunity.  I hope to have pictures to share with you later!
9:49 am est 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dariol clinic
Situated on the "road" from Cote de Fer to Bainet is the small clinic which I founded for Dariol church.  The Christians wanted to help their community by providing a place for them to seek help when they were ill.  Since 1995 Dariol clinic has been treating the poor from the surrounding communities and at present our files show we have seen 20,000 people.                                                                                                      
Many types of illnesses have been diagnosed and treated or referred to larger health facilities.  We've seen our share of miracles also for which we give glory to GOD.  People can be seen and receive meds for the equivalent of around  $3-4 US.  Those who can't pay are treated anyway.  We receive some assistance in the form of some donated meds from  CAM a Mennonite organization.
Our current staff is made up of Miss Giselle Paul, a Haitian Nurse, Vena Jean, who works the pharmacy, and Chilet Germitus who does the paperwork.
We praise God for making it possible to help the poor and sick of this area of Haiti with a small amount of health care.  Pray for our staff and our patients.
7:41 am est 

Monday, February 2, 2009

During this scholastic period of 2008-2009 Gospel Growers is giving financial assistance to 14 different Christian schools here in Haiti.  In order to help as many of these schools as possible I've tried to find sponsors for some students in each so as to share the resources.  These funds help to pay the teachers thus allowing the school to function so that even those who don"t have sponsors benefit.
This is the breakdown on the numbers of students helped in each school:
Dariol 150                         Renard 30                Bodary 46
Coraile 41                          Cavalier 23              Lozandie 31
Tranche Roche 20               Gode 26                  Boutin 20
Sauvage 30                        Labiche 3                Jackson 10
Glassi  12                           Zabo 30
We ask sponsors to send $200/year for each child and these funds are made available to that child"s school.  Thanks to the faithfulness and generosity of our sponsors this program has been ongoing since 1986. These children have benefitted from an education in a Christian environment.  This hopefully will be a blessing to Haiti in the future  as these kids grow and take the places in society.
7:32 am est 

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