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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Be a Christopher
"We all can help the Savior by substituting for Him when a need arises
and our time to serve comes.  Remember St. Christopher?  His name actually translates as "Christ bearer".  There are many areas of need in which we can help Christ to carry the burden which He carries for this world.  Consider world hunger as just one area.  We are called upon to be participants in "cross bearing"  and not simply spectators.  Someone has expressed the futility of simply acting as a spectator:
I was hungry and you circled the moon.
I was hungry and you told me to wait.
I was hungry and you set up a commission.
I was hungry and you talked about bootstraps.
I was hungry and you told me I shouldn't be.
I was hungry and you had war bills to pay.
I was hungry and you said "Machines do that kind of work now."
I was hungry and you said "the poor are ever with us".
I was hungry and you said "law and order come first".
I was hungry and you blamed it on the government.
I was hungry and you said "so were my ancestors".
I was hungry and and you said "we don't hire anyone over thirty-five".
I was hungry and you said "God helps those who helps themselves".
I was hungry and you said "Sorry, try again tomorrow".
The same thing is true in world mission, world evangelization, and world ministry.  The needs are here right now.  And response to them must be right now if anything is to be done about them. "
                                                     T.T. Crabtree
9:04 am est 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update on Carlos" kids
There are always certain groups in society that seem to kept at arms length.  Children of the streets are often the recipients of this ambivalent attitude--"something should be done about them, someone should help them".  And although Jesus has said "the poor you always have among you", the tendency is to push them into a corner somewhere so they can be unseen and therefore less of a burden upon ones conscience.
You may remember that Gospel Growers have for sometime been giving assistance to a Haitian brother named Carlos who has gathered some unwanted kids around him in the attempt to provide them with some of the basic necessities of life.  Unfortunately there has not been much of a response from outside to do so.  I have taken on the responsibility to rent a dwelling for them each year so that they have somewhere to call home.  Samaritans International helps with $600 food assistance every month.
Until recently the kids had been residing in Cayes.  They have had to relocate however as their neighbors around them felt their presence lowered the property values of the community and therefore they should seek other lodgings.  The atmosphere was such  that Carlos opted to leave Cayes and relocate to the area where he grew up--Pestel/Jean Belune.  It is here I have rented a place for them and the kids are attempting to adjust.  Acouple of women from the community have been secured to provide education for them. 
Life will always be insecure for them until a permanent place can be had.  Phyllis and Larry Norman and some people from Fairview Community Church, Indiana have formed a committee in order to see if funds can be raised to purchase a bit of land that the kids can live on and not be pushed out.  Please pray with us that this endeavor will be a success and that this dream will become a reality.
10:02 am est 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Many Haitians here who have access to televisions were no doubt following the Inauguration activities going on in the US.  Some like me may have been watching by internet.  The general opinion seems to be that it is a good thing that there should be a black president now in the US.  President Bush didn't have a very positive image down here.  Haitians seem to think that because Obama has African roots as they do that this will work out in their favor some how as far as relations with the US.  Only time will tell.
8:42 am est 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pictures for January 1st Blog Entry
The following pictures are of the New Year's Eve festivities described in the January 1st blog entry.  To replay the slide show below click on the button on the photo.  To view all the pictures click on the photo.


Click on the photo below to see all the photos of the New Year's Eve festivities.
2008 New Year's Eve festivities
11:11 am est 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The dangers of the last days...
There is a very disturbing video clip making the rounds down here that emphasizes the plight of Haitians in the Dominican Republic. Even though I was prepared in advance before I saw it I was simply shocked upon viewing it.  It shows a country scene with a naked Haitian man kneeling in front of a white man {presumably Dominican as he's yelling in Spanish] while the white man is brandishing a machete.  You can see the Haitian has already had one forearm lopped off.  You can tell the Dominican is telling the Haitian to stick out his other arm as well.  The Haitian is trembling and obviously under great fear and stress,  but as the Domincan is threatening him he puts his arm down a few times but keeps drawing it back until finally the arm is cut off.  The Haitian immediately leaped up and ran off. The horror of seeing this before my eyes was such that I could not sleep that night but spent it praying for those Haitians who because of economic necessity are forced to seek jobs in the Dominican Republic. Please pray for them! 
3:41 am est 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"thusfar has the Lord helped us..." 1 Samuel 7:12
God has been faithful in 2008!  He is faithful today, and will continue to be faithful to his people in 2009.  The question is are we faithful to HIM?  Every one must reflect on this and make appropriate improvements if necessary.
Through the generosity of my Ronni and Jim Guerriero's small group that meets in their home we received a gift that enabled Dariol Church to celebrate the Christmas holiday.  Last night there was a fantastic worship/praise service held and the church was filled.  There was a Christian group which provided music and I was the one designated to preach on God's word.  The message came from 1 Samuel 7:12.  God has been with His people in Haiti throughout this troublesome year of 2008, and we have faith that he will continue to do the same in 2009.  Hebrews 13:8 confirms that the Lord does not change but remains the same through all our tommorows regardless of our circumstances.
After the service which lasted to about 9:30 pm, there was a time of music, witnessing, games, and even a gift exchange among those who wanted to participate.
At 10 pm there were plates of pork, rice and beans and soft drinks.  There were so many people!  I think it was like the loaves and fishes miracle in that the food seem to last so everyone got some.  The festivities finally ended at midnight with everyone joining hands and praying.  It was a blessed moment.  Many thanks to Ronni and Jim's group which made the "feast" possible.
This morning as the traditional pumpkin soup simmers in the caldron and its wonderful aroma fills the house one can say with assurance-  GOD has been,  is , and will always be faithful.
May the love, care and blessings of or Lord Jesus be with you throughout 2009 and every year!
9:05 am est 

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