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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Victory in Jesus
These two young men are the one's who the police falsely arrested while they were on their way to Cayes on July 9.

DSC00363w.JPGThey are church members and baptised believers in Jesus Christ. Chilet (with the beard) is a great help to me in performing tasks important for the mission.  Judy Bucher of Monclona, OH, helped pay for him to learn his trade-iron mongery.

DSC00362w.JPGThe other young man, Eriel, helps in our child sponsorship program. His brother, Jean Robert, who accompanied them was shot 4 times by the police. Not wanting to be punished for killing an innocent person, the police manufactured lots of false evidence to put them in the right.

The boys were beaten and abused.

Gospel Growers helped to secure legal representation for the boys. For the 17 days of their captivity, they were in three different jails.

But God had the last word in this affair! Acts 12:5- everyone I could think to contact was asked to pray! Miracle - 17 days later the boys were loosed. No compensation was given and money they had on them at the time of arrest was not returned.

Continue to pray as the body of Eriel's brother is still being held.

Praise the Lord!
11:09 pm edt 

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Anniversary celebration for Radio Semence
DSC00328w.JPGThese recent pictures were at the anniversary celebration for Radio Semence, the Christian Radio Station we founded. It is now 5 years since Semence has been broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and Christian music.
Radio Semence emits from its new building from Corail Lerisson in the mountains near Cote de Fer.
DSC00318w.JPGThe station is powered by a diesel generator. 
DSC00319w.JPGOur staff is volunteer as no funds are yet available to compensate these wonderful young men for their time and talent.  Please pray that we will secure funding to help us function more efficiently and to provide better service.
9:08 am edt 

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