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The blog on this page contains messages from Sam.  Check back often to get the latest on his ministry in Haiti.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

"Trust in the Lord and do good..." Psalm 37:3
I had set aside the last Friday of every month for the school directors to come and receive their budgetary assistance.  Sure enough I had a good turnout, I have yet to see 3 more.  They all expressed their happiness that God had enabled them to clear last years financial hurdles, and the hope that this year also would be so blessed. 
It was good to hear that almost all the kids who completed their final year of primary school and sat for government exams acquitted themselves very well.  These exams can serve to make or break a school as parents send their kids to the schools that have the best results. 
It was great to see these dedicated men again since my departure for the states last March.  We rejoiced together over how God was blessing their efforts to educate these kids in spite of difficulties.  Letters from the kids should be coming your way this October. 
Please continue to pray for Haiti as things are still not going as the people had hoped.  Thank you all for your faithfulness in meeting our common objective of trying to help the Haitian people and manifest Gods love to these poor kids.
7:41 pm edt 

Thursday, September 28, 2006

"We Then, as workers together with Him..." 2 Cor. 6:1
One of the things that has both amazed and pleased me since branching out from a solely nursing ministry and into a multifaceted one, is seeing how after the Lord places a burden on my heart to meet some great need He always brings alongside some talented and gifted Haitian Christian brother or sister to help with that paticular ministry. 
I will be spotlighting some of these co-workers from time to time in coming blogs.  Perhaps the newest member of this "God squad" is a young man from Flamands who was 10 years old when I came to start the clinic in that community in 1988. 
Over the years, with the help of Compassion Internationa,l he has progressed through the Christian school system to finally graduate from a University in Port-au-Prince with a degree in Administration. 
God has brought us together just when I was in need of an assistant with computer and administrative skills.  He is already making himself of great use to the work here.  His name is Jean Denis Jean Francois.  Please pray for him as he finds his place in that great advancing procession of the Kingdom of God on this planet.
6:35 pm edt 

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"I will lead the blind in ways they haven't known..."Isaiah 42:16
Well let me tell you, Im feeling pretty blind right now and Im certainly in a way I haven't known---Im trying to figure out how to send my scanned pictures so Don, the Webmaster can put them on the website.  Old time missionaries didnt have to put up with cantankerous laptop programs! 
Oh well, there are trials and then there are trials.  I have faith eventually they will get sent (and hopefully to the right place.)  This too shall pass...
6:21 pm edt 

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord" Prov. 19:17
When I arrived in Haiti I discovered I had 22 boxes waiting in customs for me to claim.
Among the things I found were the rest of the Christmas gifts that Red Bank Presbyterian Church had sent and which apparently arrived after my leaving for the states 4 March!  It didnt matter to the kids who got them after, of course! It was like an early or late Christmas for them depending how you look at it. Many thanks to this Church in New Jersey! 
I also found a large box of beautiful clothes made by the Ladies of the First Baptist Church of Smithville, TX. It was like a fashion show at the orphanage where the clothes were given out.  I have pictures but I dont know if I can figure out how to scan them and put them on the website...we'll see. 
I also found over 50 French Thompson Chain Ref. Study Bibles sent by Susan Moore, owner of Sonshine Book and Gift Shop of Lake Jackson, TX.  These will be distributed to Church Workers so they will be better able to serve their congregations.  Won't they be excited! 
And lastly, I found a Yamaha keyboard in a carefully packaged wooden box.  This was sent by Paul Morelli of  Brockport, PA.  The keyboard is being used in the Orphanage Church--what beautiful sounds with to worship the Lord!!! 
Many thanks to you all!!  
4:03 pm edt 

Monday, September 25, 2006

"Oh God, you provided for the poor..." Psalm 68:10
I was very pleased to receive a visit from Octive Etienne.  He is the faithful brother who I helped to plant a church in Cavalier, near Cote de Fer.
The structure where they meet to worship has a tin roof, the tin of which was donated by Mr. and Mrs. George Rodgers of Evans City, PA. It seems this same structure will be serving as a makeshift school this Fall as they haven't got the funds yet to have a separate  place to educate the kids. 
It was  great to hear the enthusiastic plans Octive has for his community.  All Haitians usually have as a resource is HOPE, but the Lord has touched the hearts of 20 people from the states who will be sponsoring 20 kids in this new school.  This will provide a small budget to help the school to function. 
Im so thankful for the chance to provide resources for faithful men as Octive. Please pray for him and this small school.     
4:55 pm edt 

Sunday, September 24, 2006

"So faith comes from hearing..." Romans 10:17
Some of you may not already know this, but there is a church that meets in the house that I rent in Cayes.  We aren't able to squeeze any more people in--there were 110 adults and young people present.  The children met across the street under an almond tree. This is amazing because our Sunday service starts at 6 AM !
It so happened that I was to preach today. I chose my message from 2 Kings 24:8-17, 25:27-30.  I stressed that in this story we can derive 3 things can can comfort us when we are passing through difficult times:
  1. God is Sovereign and all-powerful,
  2. This power is the same in the past, present and future (Heb. 13:8),
  3. God is willing to use this power to help those who are called by his name (Rom. 8:28).  He can even influence our enemies to make peace with us (Prov. 16:7).

We had beautiful music today with an accordion and trumpet to encourage us. What a beautiful service!

We need help to purchase land to remain a viable presence in this community which is growing. Land is available but costs $40,000 US. A church  would be built to house a growing membership. People have no place to sit, even the car port is used. Please pray with us that funds will be made available--GOD is Able.    

blessings   sam

4:24 pm edt 

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Backup a bit...
I was so excited about being on the internet I forgot to fill in the time space since my last posting. I will summerize. 
After Ernesto moved on, I was able to travel to Miami on Sept. 4 where I overnighted. I flew to Haiti on the 5th. The trip was uneventful, but it sure was great to see Pradel and Jean Denny on leaving the terminal.
We took a short taxi ride to the small airport nearby where we waited for the Tortug-Air flight to Cayes at 4 pm. The time was spent in catching up on all the news on Dariol. Our flight to Cayes was on a small plane that could probably seat 12 people. The pilots spoke Spanish so were most likely Dominican.
The ride was not bad, though at one point the pilot veered to avoid a rainstorm as a driver would to miss a pothole in the road. It took about 40 minutes to reach the airport (grass and gravel runway) near Cayes.
A Pastor I know met us and drove us to Cayes. Since then I've been putting things in order and receiving visitors. The most trying of all these tasks was trying to get hooked up to the internet, and that is now accomplished--Praise the Lord for his help!!!    
6:45 am edt 

Friday, September 22, 2006

"Wait for the Lords help..." Psalm 27:14
FINALLY! Its taken 2 weeks to finally get hooked up to the internet here with my laptop (which was given to me by Trinity Baptist Church).  If you didnt think it was hard being PATIENT, think again. But then this is Haiti, and it could have taken 2 months, so Praise the Lord!!!
For someone not having grown up using a computer I think Im coping fairly well! Thank you Holy Spirit! I need all the help I can get!  
So, if you wish to communicate with me its by samrice@gospelgrowers.org            
blessings  all  sam
7:33 pm edt 

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