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Welcome to Gospel Growers, a Christian ministry serving the people of Haiti.

Mission Statement
The mission of Gospel Growers  is to present Christ to Haitian people through the teaching of His Word, and by the manifestation of His love and concern for them through a multifaceted ministry designed  to help meet their spiritual and material needs as the Lord enables us.

Our Ministry
The Gospel Growers Ministry includes the following:
  • Medical Clinic
  • Child Evangelism and School Sponsorship
  • Discipleship and Rural Church Worker Bible Study Fellowship
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Christian Radio Station
  • Church Planting


Medical Clinics provide medical assistance and Christian witness to poor rural Hatians.  Since 1982, God has used Sam Rice to start 5 clinics throughout Haiti.  The present location is Dariol, a small village on the south coast of Haiti.  He opened this clinic in 1996 with $1,500 seed money.  It is a "God supported" (not self supported) service, which has treated and witnessed to over 20,000 patients in this rural setting.  The sick come from miles around by foot, donkey, or mule.  We provide a consultation and medicines for about $3.  No one is turned away regardless of having funds.
Child Evangelism and School Sponsorship gives badly needed aid to about 250 children in 6 Christian area schools.  Christians from the U.S. choose a child and agree to support him/her for a year. 

This support provides a Christian education for a child by helping with tuition.  The tuition provides their schools with the budgetary assistance in order to operate. All sponsored children are required to attend church on Sunday.  The modeling of Christian teachers and exposure to the Gospel in church is a wonderful way to evangelize these children.


Discipleship and Rural Church Worker Bible Study Fellowship provides a firm doctrinal base of faith for leaders of independent area churches who have not had the privilege to receive seminary education. Bibles, hymnals and Sunday School materials are distributed as resources allow.

We have distributed 100 French language Thompson Chain Reference Bibles, one to each church leader, in order to help these church leaders to prepare their sermons and Bible studies for their congregations.  Now we have been able to get around 100 TCR Bibles  into the hands of these poor pastors. We also were able to get some copies of The Shepherd's Staff, which are a fantastic study and teaching tool for Christian Workers.

After the earthquake of 2010 it has become difficult to get Creole Bibles.  Now Bibles are found for about $10 each and Hymnals for $8 each.  There is always a need for Bibles for new converts.


Scholarship Assistance provides small scholarships to worthy young people to help enable them to pursue education or vocational aspirations.  Occasionally we find an especially worthy and capable student needing help to pay University fees.


Micro Entrepreneurial Encouragement seeks to provide poor church women with $100 each to start a small business venture.  This not only helps their families but also results in a tithe for church.  Investment partners are needed to "adopt" a hardworking poor woman.


Tool distribution to poor farmers provides hand tools to rural farmers in need.  Tools such as machetes, picks, and shovels. 


Christian Radio Station broadcasts Bible messages, music, and useful information from our 110-watt transmitter to a potential listening audience of 200,000.  This wonderful ministry became a reality when friends contributed love gifts which enabled us to purchase radio equipment.

For the first 3 years we operated out of a small tin-covered Haitian hut.  The Lord touched the heart of a man in Florida and he contributed $20,000 towards the construction of a cement block, cement roofed building from which we now broadcast.  The Radio station is called Radio Semence 106.9 FM.  The name, semence is taken from the French word which means the seed which is used for planting.

We have enjoyed the new building for several years now.  Praise God, the earthquake of 2010 did not damage the Station at all.  Because we do not have electricity, we must use a generator and gasoline sells around $8.00 US/gallon.  Since we acquired 5 solar panels our energy needs are being met in a more economically feasible manner.  Recently we have added an Internet site where anyone in the world can hear Radio Semence at www.radiosemencefm.com although we need a better server so our signal is stronger and clearer.

We are so touched by the way our listeners sacrifice money to send to us to purchase gasoline to remain on the air.  This is a testimy to the importance of Radio Semence in the lives of these people. This August 18, we shall celebrate 12 years of service to the people of South Haiti.  All our staff are voluteers who also sacrifice their time and ablities to keep the station on the air. 

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Samual Rice nurse missionary to Haiti supported by Gospel Growers

Samuel Rice is a registered nurse representing Christ through a medical ministry to Haiti

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in 1975 as a Senior in college. While enjoying fellowship in a Bible believing church I answered God's call to go to Haiti as a missionary registered nurse In 1982.
It became my goal to live among the poor and suffering people of rural Haiti, sharing the Good News of God's Word while seeking to minister to their health and physical needs.
After 32 years of blessed and fruitful minstry, the desire to let my life be a witness to the indwelling Christ is as strong as ever, and the needs of the Haitian people still very great.
I discipled and prepared young Haitian Christians to take over the work and in 2012 I returned to the States to become President of Gospel Growers stateside.  This was a God send as my Mom had a stroke and since 2012 I have been caring for her here in Pittsburgh, PA.  Praise God the Haitians have done very well keeping the different ministries going.  Praise the Lord!

Statement of Faith

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and not that of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before hand that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:8-10

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